‘We have your daughter’: A virtual kidnapping and a mother’s five hours of hell"


“‘We have your daughter’: A virtual kidnapping and a mother’s five hours of hell”

Please do not fall for such scams.


How awful! We have a lot of real and virtual kidnappings where I live too, unfortunately.


That is sick.


This happened to my daughter, too!! The call came to her law office and claimed that they had her brother. They demanded money and knew enough information to almost convince her. They claimed to have his cell phone and warned her not to attempt to contact him- or he would die. She texted her husband, who called me. I called my husband, who then contacted my son’s place of employment (it was his first day!) and of course he was there. She later found out that one of the law partners had fallen completely for the scam (his daughter was the kidnap victim) and had paid the money before discovering he had been scammed. She put the info on Facebook, and another friend had also been scammed by this method. It was absolutely awful and torture until we found out my son was OK! I’m glad you shared this article- and helped get the word out about this.


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