We know Evil exists today. We are living in scary times

Evil is present today and all one has to do is turn on the t.v. and follow the news and watch your local shows.

A Catholic link shows the Barbaric nature of ISIS in the Arabian area. This Catholic link shows evil at work.
Warning: it contains extremely graphic executions. Women and children included.


Just wait until its a crime to be a Christian in the US!! It will get much worse before it gets better, but as long as we remain faithful and DO NOT deny our beliefs…(NO MATTER WHAT we are threatened with), we will be fine.

Evil has always been present in the world…since we evolved into sentient beings.
We just have the technology to see news from all over the world in an instant.
Since man developed the intelligence to covet power there has been evil…but it is delicately balanced with good.

I absolutely agree.

All religious warfare is abhorrent, but what ISIS is doing now is not substantially different than what the Church did during its Crusades, when the indiscriminate execution of Muslims was not only permitted but encouraged. Although we now have the technology to monitor genocide in real time, human nature hasn’t changed much in the last several centuries.


I’m not sure about that 1newcatholic. If we didn’t fight for Jerusalem or Rome, we would have been the Barbaric ones because we would be living today under a loosely monitored religious practice that can support violence and aggression in the name of god. We would have been the ones killing and maiming in the name of god. I, myself love living life safely (except what’s going on in Ferguson) in the states and thank God we still are a Christian nation. Let us protect and defend our wonderful way of life…and be grateful to our God that shows us Love.

Yes it seems to be prevalent. Yet the Grace of God is also available to turn things around. We just need to access it more in order to unleash the power of God into the world. Even though it seems to be getting worse just turn on the Grace of God a bit more for Jesus had said to St. Maria Faustina, the greater the sinner the more right the sinner has to receive Mercy. We need just to ignite our Lord into the direction of the world especially towards sinners by taking the time to pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy for them so that His Mercy will be touched by those who do not ask for themselves. Jesus had promised incredible graces for those who will pray the Chaplet. When sin abounds says St. Paul the grace of God can abound more meaning when we pray in such a sinful time as it is now the Lord will grant even more incredible graces to help heal it sooner.

Keep praying the Chaplet for us chimo. :wink:

That’s right. All will be fine.

Unless our far-in-the-future generations end up in some sort of Science Fiction, George Orwellian, Logan’s Run future…it won’t be against the law to follow a religion in the States.

And as per the other posters, the violence is not worse now than other times.
In fact, it has been way worse in the past.


I would say that there is a substantial difference: the Crusades were a response to violence committed against Christians by Muslims in the Holy Lands. Unarmed Christian pilgrims visiting Jerusalem were killed by the thousands. The lands had once been largely Christian, but had been taken through violence, invaded and controlled by Muslims, and even the Church of the Holy Sepulchre was destroyed. Today on the other hand, the tiny minorities of Christians and Yezidis in Iraq have not been attacking Muslims; they are not even a threat, they are defenseless before the Islamic State. Then, when the Crusaders did control an area, they didn’t drive out or kill all the Muslims, like Islamic State is doing to entire Christian towns.
It’s quite interesting history.

Partially agreed. Secularists are too clever for that. What they will do if we dare to insist on fidelity to our faith convictions in our public lives will be to strip us of professional licenses and certifications, seize our business assets in civil lawsuits and probably revoke the tax exempt status of churches if we refuse to compromise our beliefs so that they can confiscate our parish assets when we can’t pay the retail zoning taxes on the property.

But other than that, there aren’t any looming problems.

For the other poster, I’d like to see your citation where the church encouraged Crusaders to commit indiscriminate killing of muslims. The battlefield in a counter-offensive war is one thing, indiscriminate killing is quite another. I’ll certainly agree that atrocities occurred. They always do in war, which is why it is a last resort. But that’s not the same thing as endorsing the atrocities. Show me.

To me, it isn’t so much that (though I agree that what’s on tv is rather telling), but moral indifference, narcissism and lack of any true self-awareness. In other words, I reject the whole #YOLO mantra, tropes that appeal to emotions of the easily naive and impressionable and the faux “live outside the lines” attitude as seen here: outsidethelines.sailorjerry.com.

Yea, “all will be fine” they say.

Warning: pics on this link contain woman and children hurt and killed.:eek:

Those who try and compare what is happening to Christians in Iraq and Syria to the supposed persecution in the Western World need to take a few moments and think about “reality”. :shrug:

The bible tells us Christians WILL be persecuted, imprisoned, killed, tortured, etc because of his name at some point near the end, why would we think one country would be exempt from that?

The Lord told his disciples this long ago. Trust in God. Pray for strength.


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