We Know How to Reform Islam –

We Know How to Reform Islam – It’s Time to Actually Do It, Muslims Say (3628)

A Dec. 3 panel of Muslim public figures meeting at the Heritage Foundation discussed a “reformation” of Islam that can only be achieved by Muslims speaking out against extremism and promoting human rights.

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They need to have followers who will tow the line.

You have the Wahhabi and the Turkish Sufis whose caliphates have been most deadly. Ankara now has a 1000 room palace and separate buildings for regional Muslim heads.

Turkey is supporting ISIS along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar with subversive Western support.

For me personally, Islam would have to return all Christian sites to its believers, and make a public apology for the 270 million deaths on account of their faith.

Talk about Religious Amnesia - How easy it is to forget!


“At the present juncture of history, Western Christianity is suffering from a bad case of spiritual amnesia. Even those who claim to be devout or conservative often know little about the history of their faith traditions. Our loss of memory began more than two centuries ago, at the high tide of the Enlightenment. As modern society developed, the condition of broken memory – being disconnected from the past – became more widespread. Indeed, in the words of one French Catholic thinker, the primary spiritual dilemma of contemporary religion is the “loss and reconstruction” of memory”.

Regards Tony

I don’t know how quick we are to forget. I mean the crusades have been a main toss in the face of Catholics since I can remember. But what seems to get mixed up is why the crusades happened. I mean they had different reasons so maybe that was part of the blurriness. But if I remember right they were started because the Turks were eating up the Byzantine Empire’s land. So it was one buddy helping out another. That sort of got out of hand I guess.

I don’t know. I wasn’t really there. And my ancestors weren’t really good at passing on clear details to the next generation. They were a bit lazy in that I think.

But yeah. If your point is that we’re forgetting that past history in that now we think of Turkey as one of our pals I guess your right. I guess forgiving a guy’s enemies can run pretty deep hey?

Peace Tony.


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