We know the ending

The news is bad. On all sides, the culture of death is making strides and gaining ground. No one is safe from the machinations of the Evil One. We are facing certain death. What’s new?

None of this news is new, and none of it tells the real story. News and history writers have always told the story as filtered through their world view, their experienes, and their parrticular hopes and dreams. Their “slant” on things cannot be removed from their words, any more than their hand on the pen or today, the keyboard can be. Our reception of their stories is also colored by our world view, experiences, hopes and faith.
Take a minute to be very, very grateful for your “slant” on things… your faith. God is watching us. God is playing fair with our free will, but He has not abdicated and He has chosen with great mercy to clue us in to the end of the story, complete with assistance with how to be on the right side of the victor. And the gates of hell have not prevailed against God’s chosen method of helping us. Stay serene and stay well, S

You need a link in this forum, IIRC.

Also, that flew over my head. :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

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