we look at the bad things of religions

ima catholic n i say sum mean things bout other religions. so do other catholics n other religions. dey hear a bad story about dem n think man that religion has bad ppl. so do u catholics. many catholics claim to be at the top. i mean cmon. look at criminals n other bad ppl. claimin to be catholics but look at wut they do. they kill innocent lives. in the bible it says if u kill a man or unborn child it should be ur own life taken too. i think thats a good idea. wut about those molesting cases. those priests molesting kids. we shud be ashamed of our religion. catholics instead of verbally harassing other religions why dont we harass ourselves. our religion is bad too. we dont follow the bibles principles too and you know it. what about that guy on tv who pushes down people and says theyre cured even though we know theyre payed to run around and jump for joy. really catholics n u other religions we do bad things. pff. lets talk bad stuff about catholics 2 even though sadly to say i am. but we deserve it. until next post.

You said it well, “people claiming to be Catholics.”

Just because someone claims to be something does not make them a part of that particular group. I could claim to be a tomato, a helicopter, or the tail of a flying kite, yet that claim does not make me any of those things.

In reference to the Bible, I would encourage you to enroll in a good Bible study. Verses such as the one you used has often been taken out of context and used to justify various adjendas. Christ taught mercy…and that is what we are to follow.

Through our own sinful natures, of course we sometimes denigrate others on the basis of gossip…this is why gossip is a sin. This is why sin turns one away from God.

You may need to spend a little more time reading the posts in the forums and get a better idea of what we Catholics do say and admit about our own failings.

Religions are not bad; some of the people who claim to follow some religions do bad things, but they, we and you are all children of God.

Just something for you to consider. God bless you.

Yep, not many Atheists in prison are there…

[quote=AmericanAtheist]Yep, not many Atheists in prison are there…

Really? I haven’t read any studies on how many Atheists v. Religious are in jail/prison. I do know that a lot of people who are there find they have no place to go except to God, and a lot of them turn to Him. Now do they do it genuinely?

But people are people, we have a sinful nature and we can’t say that just because we turn to God, we as sinful people will never commit a sin again. Many Catholic and most non are what we call cafeteria Catholics or Christians. Not fully submitting themselves entirely to our Lord, they seem to pick certain items from Christianity that happens to allow them to live their life with the least amount of change and yet still feel good about believing in God. SO do they truely follow Christ or do they follow the Christ they create in their mind. What ever the answer is, a true Christian has times when they still do actions that are sinful and hurtful. Do these actions take away from the Truth? The answer to that is “NO”.

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