We Made It To Florida!


HOORAY!:bounce: The move was safe and successful…and we absolutely looooooove our new home! We are still unpacking…probably will be for the next hundred years. (at least):wink: :smiley: But, we love our new community…and just adjusting to the sweltering heat! We have such a tranquil backyard…no neighbors on top of us…with just woods…and a lake. But, a small gator lives in there, we have been told.:o

Hope everyone is doing well…miss me?:smiley:

Blessings always,

PS: Please keep your prayers coming, though…for my husband to find a great new job…and for me to do well with my company.



Let me be the first to say (if I get this post in on time) praise God! St. Christopher answered our prayers.

We have been wondering about you and your family. The participants of ‘longest conversation thread’ have been asking about you. Come check us out at the Back Fence when you have a chance, I know you are busy.

Glad to hear all is okay!

Still praying for you and DH and family.


Hello Mirror Mirror (and hello to mamacita too who might be reading this with you):slight_smile: Thank you for your kind words!!! (and prayers!)

We made it…and are so happy here…tired, but happy. Things are still in disarray…but we are going furniture shopping this afternoon. We went yesterday…my husband is the type to look at literally 20 stores before deciding on something.:rolleyes: LOL So…it’s a tedious process thus far!

How are things going with your job search??? I have been praying for your family, as well.:slight_smile:


Welcome home!.. it’s a great state!

Don’t mind the gator… as long as you’re not Seminole fans… :wink: :smiley:


Hi Em!! Yes…it’s all good…I mean, our backyard backs up to a nature convservation…which is totally beautiful, but we are trespassing I think within the gators…snakes…etc…homes! ha

My husband said he saw a ‘gator turtle’ today…has a face like a gator…and they can bite. We will have to just keep an eye out when bbq-ing. lol;)

Hope things are going well for you…:slight_smile:


We have a very similar back yard on a nature preserve (so cool, huh?)… and have had an alligator snapping turtle lay eggs right in our back yard!..
We’ve also had black bears, armadillos, wild turkeys, alligators, and gopher tortoises right behind us too…
It’s a WILD WORLD out there!

Have fun unpacking! :slight_smile:


Post #412

Just follow that link, good news that could potentially be great news.


:bounce: :extrahappy: :dancing: :clapping:

HOW GREAT! Yes…it’s a first step…but, it is in the right direction indeed. If it be God’s will…it will happen. God has great things in store for you and your family. Sometimes, it takes a risk for us to see where God is leading us…My prayers are going out to you…sending thousands of angels to protect your wife and you.

An interesting thing happened when I got here…I talked to my boss back in PA, and he said that I got a call from a recruiter…from another company. But…I’m going to talk to him, and tell him about my husband…this company is a HUGE banking and insurance firm in the southeast…so, hopefully, he willget a shot at an interview. God works in mysterious ways!

I’m so happy for you…Just be yourself…pray for the Holy Spirit to provide you with the right words to say…to give you enlightenment…and to always give you confidence through Christ.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU–When is it to take place again?


Thank you so much for your kind words…you are a very kind and gentle person and it is refreshing…when I get discouraged (not now, but in the future)…I am going to read this post.

I will keep your DH in prayer. St. Joseph is a great man!

My interview will be for about 4 hours on Friday. Not sure of the time yet. I have three or four people to talk with and an assessment test to take. Okay, now I am starting to get nervous…anyhow, I have hijacked your thread enough. We can talk more on the other thread once you have a chance. Stop in and say hi, everyone misses you.


I will…I will head there now!

I always pray to the Holy Spirit for strength, wisdom, and support when entering into some unknown territory…I am calling upon the H.S. quite a bit nowadays! But, every morning, when I get up…in my morning prayer, I ask for the Holy Spirit to provide me with the right words to say. Look at your interview this way…you are always doing your best for God. God has given you this opportunity through your interviewers…and in your gratitude…all He expects is for you to be yourself…your best self in Christ. To be humble, yet confident in your speech. To conduct yourself in a way that exudes Christ, to be honest with you. So…remember that, and you’ll do great!!:slight_smile:


Welcome back!!!


Yay! So glad to hear things went well with the move. Good luck unpacking :slight_smile: I must say I’m impressed that you already have your internet connection up, or are you writing from work?


That’s great that things are going well!!! But…I’m kinda jealous that there’s an alligator living in your backyard…we drove through ALLIGATOR ALLEY with the hope of seeing one and we didn’t see ANY!!!

I’ll be praying for you!


We missed you! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a happy home to raise that family in to me. Remember to take some time for yourself, to adjust if you can.
I hope you find the furniture soon;)

Mat 11:28

“Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.”


hee hee…me too! Between my son, dh and me…we were like…this is at the top of the priority list…what did any of us ever do before the internet???:blush: lol

thanks for posting…nice seeing you today.

By the way…I don’t start at the Tampa office 'til June 18th! So…I can enjoy this time with my family…:bounce:


Hey, that is GREAT news. I’m glad that everything went smoothly for you. I’ll keep praying for you and your family—hubby to get a job, and kids to find nice friends and enjoy their new school.
Welcome back!!:slight_smile:


watch out for those alligator snappers- they can snap your arm in half like it’s a twig! They are cool to look at, though.


could save some money on dinner, though. :eek:


Never mind the alligators; you can usually see them coming. What you have to do is contact a pest control contractor and have your house sprayed monthly. You really don’t want Palmetto bugs, ants, termites, etc. in your house.
If you find small green lizards in the garden or in the house, leave them alone. They are also good at eating the offending insects.



Glad to hear you are all happy. Hope you all find your groove soon.

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