We matched


God is so good.

My husband and I matched into residency together. He will be doing internal medicine and I am doing pediatrics. We are so happy and excited.

Thank you all for your prayers last fall.


Congrats! I’m sure that was stressful worrying about ending up in the same area! My boyfriend is in med school and I’m in pharmacy school…luckily pharmacy school doesn’t require a residency (though in some ways I’d like to do one), but I am worried about leaving it all to the match system, especially since we plan to be married in a year and a half, and his own match day is in two years!

Glad to hear things worked out for you!! God bless!


15 years ago the pharmacy school here required the last semester be divided between retail, hospital and industry internships. It helped a lot of people figure out what area they liked (and did not like!).

Good luck to the OP and YES God is Good!


TA-DA!!! THANK YOU LORD!!! Congrats!


Yes, the last year in pharmacy school (I’m currently in 2nd year, and 4th year is the last year) is devoted to 8 five week rotations where we spend time in a community, hospital, long term care, drug information, etc setting. In other words lots and lots of different options :slight_smile: So it really will help me decide.




You are lucky to have a 4 year program! The program my fiance is in is 6 years but he is in his 5th so next year will be all rotations and we’ll be back home.

ElizaE, Congrats!! What a relief!

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