We, Muslims of France, say to stop the barbarism


This is fantastic. Moderate Muslims gather in France to pay homage to Hervé Gourdel, the French hiker who was beheaded in Algeria and to protest Islamic terrorism. They say they are standing with the French people. They had adopted the slogan (in English): Not in my name.

Article has some great photos.


We, Muslims of France, say to stop the barbarism.

Hundreds of Muslims gathered Thursday afternoon in front of the Grand Mosque of Paris in order to denounce acts of terrorism committed in the name of Islam. Other gatherings took place in several other cities.

“This gathering, it is a strong expression of our will for national unity and unwavering commitment to live together (in peace) with others.”


The news is welcome, but the Le Figaro article is written in French.

Here are a couple English-language articles about the event:

French Muslims to Islamic State: We are also 'dirty French’

IS executioners ‘will go to hell’, says Paris mosque rector


I am glad that they are speaking out against it.

I did translate the article to English using Google Chrome’s translation service though and I noticed that they said Muslims are not responsible for the terrorist attacks. Well, the fact is that a group of extremist Muslims are responsible. One cannot deny that they are, in fact, Muslims. After all, the quote from the Quran all the time and they are constantly talking about Islamic theology. Just because their version of Islam differs from mainstream versions of Islam doesn’t mean that the terrorists aren’t still Muslims. Nevertheless, we should not blame mainstream Muslims for the acts of terrorism that fanatical Muslims commit.


1-in-6 French Citizens Support ISIS

Newsweek’s France Correspondent, Anne-Elizabeth Moutet, was unsurprised by the news. “This is the ideology of young French Muslims from immigrant backgrounds,” she said, “unemployed to the tune of 40%, who’ve been deluged by satellite TV and internet propaganda.” She pointed to a correlation between support for ISIS and rising anti-Semitism in France, adding that “these are the same people who torch synagogues”.

It’s an interesting war of words and ideologies going on, especially in Europe. Worlds colliding, really. That poll was from a month ago. I wonder how/if things have changed at all. This isn’t just France, either. Haunting figures from the UK and Germany, as well.

Love wins, though. Be stouthearted.


Holly,if you are referring to the phrase “cet acte d’ horreur” above thé lady speaking,the phrase is written in singular,not plural and generalizing. To help with translation from French which I can speak.
Personally,I understand and I give thanks that human beings under any flag,religion,race, stand together and beg for this to stop. And Muslims particularly who are suffering the shame of what a group of barbarians are doing in the name of their religion. But this is me.


Thank you for clearing up the translation for me. :thumbsup:


This article is from August 26, 2014, BEFORE the release of the James Foley video. I think it’s been on a previous thread as well. Just a caveat, as this can be a little misleading.


You are welcome,Holly! Theology is not my strength…but I can contribute with languages. Take care!:slight_smile:


Sure, Muslims are definitely responsible in the same sense that Christians are responsible for subjugating half of the planet - North America, South America, much of Africa and of Asia and of course much of the Middle East. :shrug:


Marie Le Pen’s National Front party is also gaining ground, partially due to the discontent towards left-winged economic and political policies, and partially due to the out-of-control immigration and rise of Islam in France.

… is it coincidence that suddenly, French muslims take it on the streets to protest against radical islam, when for years they have been the cause of sociopolitcial clashes (remember the Paris riots?).

Hmmm… :shrug:


Rumrunner, I apologize but I do not understand your point. Surely you are not saying that the Muslims who rallied against ISIS are the same Muslims who participated in the the Paris riots?

BTW, since we have members who can read French (regrettably, I can not) here is a link to the open letter which was published in Le Figaro. It was signed by a variety of prominent Muslims who are leaders in a variety of fields: politics, religion, culture, community activism



Here you go:

One of our fellow countrymen, who fell into the hands of a group of barbaric fanatics, has just been assassinated and thus joins the list of hostages who have served as an outlet in the name of a false Islam in which none of us can even scarcely recognize ourselves.

We Muslims of France, we can only express our repulsion and denounce with all of our energy these abominable crimes perpetuated in the name of a religion which is based in peace, mercy and respect for life.

We deny to these savage human beings the right to lay claim to Islam and to speak in our name. The suffering and death that they have inflicted on our Christian, Yazidi and Muslim brothers in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and elsewhere, fills us with revulsion, and we are made more miserable to be able to do nothing other than express our solidarity and our immense compassion.

Is it enough to express our solidarity and go no further in our expression of fraternity? No! For it is our duty, precisely in the name of this religion of peace and of the true Islam, to call all Muslims who want to remain faithful to these essential values, to express, there where they are, no matter what the circumstances, their disgust before this supreme manifestation of barbarity.

Certainly, this majority of Muslims is not always audible, lacking access to the media, or incapable of creating alternative means of communication, in order to repair the deformed image that one receives from these barbarians, making them either jihadists or fundamentalists – but never common citizens concerned with living their faith within the gift of the laws of the Republic of France and to safeguard the traditions and cultures which constitute each French citizen in their diverse origins.

We, French people and Muslim, wish to express our total solidarity with all victims of this barbarous group, lost (mad?) soldiers of a false Islamic state, and we denounce with every ounce of our energy all atrocities committed in the name of a murderous ideology which hides behinds the religion of Islam and confiscates its vocabulary.

No one can claim the right to speak on our behalf, and to better attest our solidarity in the present painful circumstances , we say with honor that “we are also dirty French .” (unclean)

I did this fast - I think some of it may be a little off. But you get the idea…I love it - this is France at its best.

(Don’t you know German? You can do those. My German is pretty bad these days. :))


Thank you Coatimunidy & FollowChrist34 for the link & translation :slight_smile:
I can speak 4 languages, but none are French, haha.

As for my previous comment, I say that these prominent muslim leaders who for decades have done little to nothing in terms of integrating the muslim community in Western/Christian France (and Europe) are suddenly feeling the weight of the world’s eyes on them, and therefore are finally voicing against radical islam.

The fact that far-right victories are taking place in various pockets around EU, is indicative of the “enough is enough” attitude Europeans have towards the EU itself, and the rampant and systematic muslim immigration.

In other words, ask yourself this: where have these wonderful, pro-West, prominent muslim leaders been? Hmmm… :rolleyes:

Cheers :smiley:


You too. :slight_smile:


Jihadi Islamists have set their roots deep into the Islamic faith. It is going to take much more on behalf of Muslims than a few belated words against the barbarism to rip those roots out.

The recognition that what is being done in the name of Islam reflects on Islam as a whole, and indeed is an existential threat to moderate Islam, is the first tiny baby step.

It is an open question, given the nature of the teachings of the religion, and given the nihilistic fervor of the jihadists in bringing about their version at all cost, which will ultimately prevail.


I don’t know a lot about Islam. I honestly don’t know if it is a peaceful religion or not. Obviously there are two sides to the argument. I was told when I was a kid that Muslims think they go to heaven if they kill a Christian. I have never been told that I would go to heaven if I kill a Muslim; I am told I will go to hell for that. But I do see a lot of peaceful Muslims in the world who clearly don’t go around killing Christians. I am confused.


Well, let’s look at it this way. We all know a lot(or at least some) of Catholics who are divorced and remarried, who are engaged in homosexual relationships, who use birth control of some kind or other, and who do not follow the tenets of the Catholic Church in general.

There are a lot of Muslims who do not follow the tenets of their religion either. Now would these be the peaceful Muslims, or the jihadists? Like with many Protestants, without a clear teaching on what the tenets of the church or mosque is, there is no definite answer, such as exists in Catholicism.
The extremist do believe that theirs are the true teachings of Islam, and they are ready to kill and die and dominate other people Muslims and infidels ot ensure that their teaching is the one that prevails. There is a lot in their history and their holy books that support them in that view.
There are also a lot of teaching and history that supports a more moderate, and tolerant version of Islam too.

The question becomes them, which version of Islam will prevail.

Personally, as someone committed to a secular, pluralistic society, I would support the moderate version as one that amenable to the kinds of societies that are the better choice.
As a Catholic though, no Islamic path is leading people to whom they need to follow. the path of Christ is the only true path that leads everybody where they need to go, spiritually, morally, socially and in every sense.


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