We MUST remember this


As the Word of God said at Mass this morning: and Father greatly interpreted for us

As long as Peter kept his eyes on the Lord he didn’t sink while walking on the water but the minute he started worrying about how strong the wind was and got distracted he started to sink. Our God is the God who walked on water and calmed the sea. Think about it HE WALKED ON WATER AND CALMED THE SEA. We (the Catholic Faithful) are the boat being tossed right now in the waves of this CRAZY secular world and in the scandals of the clergy but WE MUST KEEP OUR EYES on the Lord or we will sink.



Thanks for sharing that … it was uplifting.


I need to remember this every morning I
wake up!

Thanks for the reminder.


Thank you! We definitely need to keep our eyes on Jesus. That is the only way we will get through these trials.


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