We need a new introduction

Yesterday I ask our pastor about getting a new introduction before Mass. He told me the current one was painful and lame. We’ve been using the same one for ten years at least. I volunteered to take a crack at a new one or two.

Thus, if you like the one at your parish why and what is it. Please share positive introductions please. If you dislike yours why?

Does the church have any guidance on the introduction?

Thank you

Does there need to be an introduction?

Can’t the cantor just announce the Hymn number and then start the Hymn?

What is the “introduction”, exactly? Something the cantor says before the opening hymn? Can’t it simply be, “Please rise to sing ‘X Y Z’ (#123)”?

At my parish, an altar server simply rings a bell, and the organist starts playing. We know the hymn because its number is displayed.

Father did say he would like it shorter and to the point and that would qualify.

Why is an introduction needed? Can’t you simply start with the hymn or introit?

The Introit or Entrance Antiphon is provided in most missals, and it is the first choice when choosing such material. It is selected by the Church and matches the readings for the day. Why not look into that?

If you must have one:

“Welcome to ________ Church. Please sing our opening hymn [describe]”

We just do: “Good morning/evening and welcome to ------ Church. Today is the 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time (or whatever Sunday it is). The readings begin on page… of the missalette. Please join in singing the processional hymn…”

And make sure you have “The celebrant of today’s Mass is Father So-and-So.” That way people will know whom to complain about if he makes any errors. :wink:

ours goes something like this hello and welcome to todays mass then a little bit about the readings our presider today is Fr ___ please stand for our opening hymn number such in which such book

Our parish has just started using introductions similar to what’s been posted already read by the lector. Along with the priest’s name they also include the names of the altar servers, the lector, the choir director and the Eucharistic ministers.

This is simiar to ours, although i don’t believe they say what page the readings begin on, although I think that would be nice. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Good grief, why don’t y’all just roll the credits on a monitor after Mass?

At our parish the cantor rises and says, “Good morning and welcome to Immaculate Conception Church and a special welcome to guests of our parish. Please rise and greet those around you.” (Everyone does so.) “Please join in singing our opening hymn, XYZ, found on page …” I’ve met nice people this way.

Some may see that as begging for applause, something you don’t need at that point in the Mass.

And the name of the Bishop, just in case the complainant is from out-of-town :smiley:

At the most I can see giving them the name of the priest, the rest is unnecessary as the names, if they are that important, could be in the bulliten. Even the priest’s name can be put there.

As for putting the priest’s name in so you know who to complain about, that is a very week reason because if there are any irregularites or abuses the first step is always to approach the priest and talk to him about it so you can get his name them if need be.

I dislike this extra greeting many Churches have. If people can not greet guests on their own then forcing them to do so seems out of place. After all we already have the Sign of Peace in the Mass which is not that far away so they have to stand up and do it before Mass starts too?

At the parish I most frequently attend our intorduction is very similar to this. We are also asked to greet eachother and then reminded to turn off our cell phones and to refrain from any test messaging during the liturgy. :eek:

While I find it very sad that we actually have to remind adults of this, I have, on numerous occaisions while lectoring, seen far too many people texting, sufing the web, etc. The pastor obviously has also, because this is the second parish he has been at where he has seen fit to have this gentle little reminder.:frowning:

We say welcome to St.------- church. Today is the 8th Sunday in ordinary time and the presider at today’s mass is ------------------. We ask you to please turn off all cell phones and pagers and refrain from texting or using any electronic devices (we have found this necessary as some people acutally talk on their phone, text and kids play video games). Our processional hymn is … found on page 333 in the hymnal. Please stand.

we feel it is necessary to announce the priests name since we get many visiting priests. The cantor does this introduction.

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