We need a place for explicit posts


Talking a bout sex is naturally explicit. It’s hard to get any points across without offending someone, when it is completely natural and Gods intention for married couples to have sex.

Perhaps we need an R18 section of the forum where only mature people can post without the fear of offending someone.


I don’t really think so.


I just don’t see why it offends people. Should it disgust me? Should I be embarrassed about my sex life? Should I look for help on a nonCatholic site?

Questions that arise when someone is offended.


Explicit sex is pretty common in the media and even in general conversation. It should be viewed as the greater part of the sacrament of marriage or part of the balance. If someone needs to discuss explicit sex or problems there are other avenues to pursue rather than on an open forum such as this. I would like to know how you will keep kids and unsavory people out of such a venue. Speak to a priest, a doctor, counselor or to a very trusted friend.


No need to be embarrassed and no need to be explicitly graphic on the forum either. Instead of posting the question, message the moderator or admins.

The forum is open to all and does include younger people who do not need that exposure. There are various problems with an “adult only” area; liability, age verification and falsifications, and moderation just for starters.


^^^^ Agree.

Not only is it impractical, it’s also unnecessary. Just keep whatever you want to say to a PG rating. The rule is in place not because it offends others, but because on CAF we have users as young as 13 and they do not need to read explicit posts about sex.


If you have a sex question, Family Life is the place it goes. But at the same time, it had better be light enough to be read even by, as others said, 13 year olds. And even then, you may very well consider taking these things to your priest or a therapist.


No we don’t need such a forum. That is nonsense. If you can’t explain an issue without an explicit image then you have the problem!


IIRC the forums at Ave Maria Radio have some age restricted and gender restricted sub forums (adult ladies only, adult men only, NFP questions only).


People should be able to describe their issue without it turning into 50 Shades. If explicit details are needed in order to get advice I think the problem may have more to do with scrupulosity than sex . And if that’s the case, a public message board is the absolutely wrong place to come for advice.


I don’t see a need for explicit sexual discussions on this forum. Sexual topics related to Catholicism can be and have been discussed here without colorful language or sharing of details. If you need to get into details, you should really be taking your issue to your priest, your therapist, your in-person support group, or someplace where you’ll be speaking to a known, trusted person, not putting it out there on the public Internet.



My Catholic sources are minute and not as easily accessible compared to non-Catholic.

This means that others have the same issue. Where must they go, to learn about Catholic sex life. Most importantly minors and teens. A genuine question from a convert.

My preteens bought a note home asking if they could learn about sex in school. We declined but their mates told them everything anyway. Then there’s the impossible to manage internet sources if porn, soft porn on YouTube and pop ads etc. It appears to me that the Catholic Church refuses to compete with these sources, and by doing so, we are basically handing them over to Satan.

I don’t aim to change the forum etiquette here. My wife said I should just keep my posts PG and that’s good enough for me, but this I s an observation I’ve made that I feel should be contemplated by the Catholic population.


Thank you, I have contemplated it a great deal. To write a PG post takes a bit of extra time and effort but can be done. I honestly LOVE it. I find it sets us apart from the ordinary and often crude language of society today.

To speak of human sexuality in lovely language rather than graphics is beautiful, and a great example for the young people here. (Just my two cents)


There are many books on sex, both the mechanics of it and the teachings about it, targeted at Catholic teens. Father Mike Schmitz at ChurchPop, a website designed for Catholic young people, also has posted video talks about the Church teachings on sex targeting a young audience. Other sources of Catholic teens learning about sex include their parents talking to them, their doctors talking to them, sex education classes in schools (my Catholic school had one), their peers, books that focus primarily on bodily mechanics like “Our Bodies, Ourselves”, and the popular culture.

The nature of this forum as well as the laws of the US and the sexual abuse issues in the Church make it inadvisable for us to be discussing explicit sex with teenagers on this forum, or in the presence of teenage readers. Not to mention the fact that many of us adults see sex talk as a private matter between adults and not fodder for Internet posts.

I have to be honest - you seem to be trying to justify your argument in favor of explicit content on the forum by suggesting we should be posting it here to educate minors. That is just creepy.



I once posted a video or such in during a convo about pr0n and i got suspended. I think there should be a R18 section, so people can post without fear of repercusions.


It’s a well-known general rule for internet fora to not post pornographic material.


I don’t think that is appropriate for a Catholic website, especially since the argument that “porn is good” goes against what the CC teaches.

We don’t need a place to put explicit posts. We need people to respect the forum rules and understand where the line is in posting about sex.




I’m amazed that there are people who publicly admit this desire to post explicit material. They either want to post lewd videos Or graphically describe sex. It’s repulsive and I think that they have problems.

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