We Need The Holy Family by Fr. Shaughnessy


Here is a message from Father Angelus Shaughnessy regarding the state of the family in America. There is a lot of truth here, so I thought I should share it.


The American family is in danger of extinction. Some are suggesting we need a new definition of family. Half of all the marriages in the United States now end in divorce. Every year a million children are born out of wedlock. Over a third of America’s children live in single-parent homes. Only one in four American children now lives with both biological parents. Over a million children each year are killed in their mother’s womb, the worst possible form of domestic violence. In some cities, there are more abortions than live births.

Grandparents are currently raising four million American children. Many more children are exposed to their mothers boyfriends, who are responsible for two-thirds of the child abuse by persons other than parents. A lot of these men are immature and not capable of caring for children. Emotionally crippled themselves, they are in need of much help to grow up. Over a million people are in prison right now nationwide.

Broken homes breed a thousand problems. Fewer than half of America’s children now eat meals at a table together with other members of the family. Few young people have small brothers and sisters to care for. Only one in twenty children lives in a home where a child’s biological father goes to work and the biological mother stays home to raise the children. Thanks to TV, many children’s only acquaintance with God is through cursing and swearing. Nobody ever taught them that God’s last name is not “damn it”!

How very tragic!

Infidelity, divorce, illegitimacy, promiscuity, contraception, sexual irresponsibility, premarital sex, pornography, legalized abortion, drugs and alcohol, the exclusion of Gods voice from public life - - are some of the causes that explain the tragedy of modern American family life. The sexual revolution is at the heart of most of this disorder. Such selfishness can never generate happiness. Our hearts were made for something else.

Happiness comes only with love. But love is the most used, over-used, misused, abused, misunderstood word in the English language. For some, “love” means “lust”. But lust can never be love, because lust always wants to manipulate, to control, to use, to exploit other people for selfish purposes. And once a person knows that they have been used, they hate the person who has treated them that way; and they hate themselves for allowing themselves to be so used.

What can we do?

Start praying! Lord, spare us from using people whom we should be loving; and spare us from loving things we should only be using. To enflesh this prayer in our homes and in our hearts, we need the example and help of the Holy Family of Nazareth: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Of and by ourselves we are not capable of the sacrificial heroism required to do the Lords will. With the help of God, it becomes possible. At this time, it seems that only a miraculous intervention can convert our nation’s selfishness into unselfish love and true happiness.

We don’t give up!

Lord, we trust in You!

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, help our families!

Happy New Year!

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That was great - thanks for sharing!


I too like Homilies by Fr. Angelus

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Well put! Thanks for sharing this article.


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