We need to give out more of the Gospel message


I will like to address to the Orthodox on this thread if necessary changes will be helpful in our Church to give out the Gospel. I also would like to hear from Catholics as well if the changes towards their Gospel readings on Sunday have been helpful since Rome has introduced a three year cycle to their Sunday’s readings. In the Orthodox Church we have the same 52 Gospels every year. I think a change needs to be made so that more Gospels will be able to be present to our congregations.

I prefer changes to be made for only our Sunday’s Liturgies since this is the time when most of our congregations are present for readings. I sense a great loss in not giving out the whole Gospel because 52 readings can only give out so much. I will like to suggest this to anyone who wishes to respond. It will be to our advantage (the Orthodox Church) to establish some form of readings such as the Church of Rome gives out but with one difference. I notice that Rome only gives out a three year cycle meaning they take their Sunday’s Gospel readings from Matthew, Mark and Luke. John is only used on feast days so that if a certain feast day occurs on a Sunday you would certainly here from John. My point is why don’t we establish a four year cycle giving out Matthew, Mark, Luke and John so that our congregations may have more to digest on?

What do you think about this and I invite Catholics to respond as well as I will like to know from you if the three year cycle has given you more to digest on.


The great thing is that we can also read the Bible apart from the Mass and Liturgy.

I have heard the Scriptures on Sunday, and went home to read more about it.

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