We need to pray for Sen. Nelson and others who sold out their principles for bribes


We need to pray for the demons in the White House that are literally Hell-bent to get this Deathcare passed in the Senate. Pray to Baby Jesus and his virgin mother, Mary (esp. under that title and the Immaculate Conception), and to all angels (esp. guardian angels and the archangels and patron saints of the Catholic ones (as the older Congressmen and women born Catholic likely have one of them, a Guardian Angel--being they're human, and a Confirmation saint), the St. Nicholas of the Advent/Christmas season, converted serious sinners, Gerard Majella, Gianna Molla, all healing saints (like St. Luke) and the Holy Innocents, to name some to defeat this bill. It just takes one to see the light to stop this and save his/her soul (if greed or death to certain types of people is their aim), though it's likely the fencesitters who fell to greed or threats from the DNC!


My prayers are joined with yours. I hope all who read your post are saying the rosary. I believe, for many reasons, this will change the fabric of our society for many generations to come. IT is ripping the Contitution apart and this country.


Where's the Supreme Court, of which a majority is not liberal, or those that are supposed to defend the Constitution (that being on the shoulders of high officials; not most soldiers or lower officers)


Praying that the final bill that passes will protect all of human life and will not permit federal funding for abortions. SS. Majella and Molla, please intercede for us! Amen.


It'll always be a trojan horse for later legislation. It's better to pray it doesn't pass--period.


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