We need to stop complaining about "bad homilies"


By definition, half of all homilies are “below average,” no matter what measure you use. :joy:

Anyways, priests do so much for us. The least we can do is tolerate their below average homilies. (Assuming they actually put effort into them.)


Please could we just make it a requirement that they PRACTICE before getting to the lector? Please???


This is true​:joy::joy:.

Joking aside, the priests’ homilies don’t tend to be as good as they could be. Many people would appreciate more humor, modern-day connection/content, tonal inflection, etc. There are definitely priests who do this well, so I know it’s possible!!


No offense taken, for me to drive to mass would take about 1 hour and 30 to 45 mins. But even if the church was next door I doubt I would go to mass any more. It is not my perception either, it is a fact. The message that too many priest have started to give is wrong. Nothing is wrong with the church saying that we have to be willing to help our fellow man, but when they cross the line and tell me the only steps I am allowed to take to help my fellow man. For example, illegal immigration. We are to allow as many as can get to the usa into the usa. It doesnt matter the damage it will have on our way of life, our culture, our safety, or many other negative out comes. since it makes a progressive feel good that is all that matter even if it doesnt do good.


Fear always leads to hate.
Polticians love to tell us what to hate and who we should blame.
Jesus taught us to love our neighbor.


Have y’all ever been in the Sanctuary looking out at the people sitting in the pews? I have and it is very interesting cause you can see everything going on in the pews. Don’t knock the homilies until you’re up there looking at the way people in the pews are looking at you. I can certainly sympathize with the Priest giving homilies. Not easy.


I had to listen to two homilies in Spanish and I had no clue what was going on.


Yes Jesus told us to love our neighbor, but too many people want to tell others what we have to do to show that we love our neighbors. When you question their methods you will be a platitude thrown at you. Like “Fear always leads to hate” or “But those hearing must open their hearts and minds, and allow the message to come in”.


HOW SAD! You would let that keep you away from hearing God’s word and receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion. Pray for them and GO TO MASS! Don’t let anything keep you from Mass.


Very well said, CajunJoy65.
I could not agree more.


Who are you to judge me? Why do you only take a small part of what I wrote. I live far away from a church and due to a major injury I can not drive that distance.


Not judging, just saying NOTHING short of a nuclear war would keep me from going to be with Our Lord at Mass. It is such a blessing and a gift. I don’t go for the homily: as has been taught us from Our good holy devout Priests, Mass is for worshipping, adoring, praising Our Lord God. It’s not what we get but what we give.


Practice sounds good, but they are trained poorly. They are trained as if the are public speakers as opposed to a reader. Way too slow, while they try to make eye contact with the people, too much attempt at adding emotions ( not the right word, but I hope it is clear enough).
I think readers should be required to listen to audio books. These are produced by people whose livihhod depends on getting it right. They are read at the pace to where it is easy to listen and comprehend, not where you are left waiting for the next syllable, between every syllable.


From Trent Horn’s book “Why we’re Catholic”:



Again, so much ado about the delivery of the message instead of focus on the message.


I recently stopped doing this when I read at Mass and it has made it much easier and better.


Not unless you will volunteer to read yourself!~


Have you volunteered or do YOU read?


You are not required to go to Mass if you cannot do so. I was unable to attend Mass do to a similar situation a few years back for a period of one year.

I watched the Mass on EWTN but you can’t receive the Eucharist through the TV of course so i read the daily Mass readings easily available online and reflected upon thos.e

I a lso read varoius commentaries from different priests I have found online. I like Bishop Barron.
Free Daily Gospel Reflections from Bishop Robert Barron. I find these informative and well stated.

Have you tried anything like that. It worked for me .



This post is wrong on so many levels. So I am suppose to endure a level of pain that would very well force me to not be able to walk for days, just so I can drive to Mass and back?

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