We need to talk about the Potato


That’s it, I’m finally putting my foot down. I’m absolutely tired… Of the disregard, of the abuse, of all of this. We really need to talk. Every day, somebody eats a Potato, but rarely do we ever appreciate them. When’s the last time you’ve looked your Potato in the Potato and said “thank you” for providing, for remaining strong even when the elements and environment were against it. Each Potato has to survive such an unforgiving and grievous climate just to make it to your table. Not every Potato survives; Many Potatoes don’t make it, they could hide back in the ground, refuse to sprout, or even flee, but they don’t. They remain in the ground, planted–knowing full well the fate that awaits them. Potatoes know that they’re going to be eaten, but how great is it that they persevere anyways! In the life of the Potato, we gain a new perspective into the life of a saint; Always serving our Lord and Savior, even unto death. Every Potato is a martyr for the God they serve, the one true God. Likewise, we need to be ever prepared to face martyrdom for our Lord, and remain faithful throughout.

But another thing… We need to also embrace suffering. This one is personal for me. I remember I had a Potato. It came in a bundle, but it still had it roots. Initially I was just going to unroot it and eat it, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even though I wasn’t the best gardener, I took it upon myself to take in this Potato as my own; I loved this Potato–and still do. Thus began the story of our short time together. Initially my dear Potato was growing every day, it was healthy and strong, however gradually, its roots began slowly dying. Though I was watering it, I tried to do so more attentively. I tried feeding it leaves, and even praying–but the process continued, and soon, it succumbed to root rot. While I was heartbroken, I learned something valuable about sainthood through it; We must praise God in sickness and in health. Even when my beloved Potato was sick and dying, it still gave praise to our God and remained a Potato. It never abandoned its very special vocation, and it never abandoned me. If I, being a flawed human being, can love my Potato with such intensity, how much greater can an Infinite God love us? Love yourself, Love others, Love God, and Love Life.

God Bless,




If anyone has a tumblr please send this to patron-saint-of-smart-asses; I’m begging you


The Potato failed my ancestors when they needed it the most!





You say potayto. I say potahto.

Tomorrow let’s discuss tomatoes.

After that pecans.


But first, ya gotta distinguish between taters and spuds. And how about hydroponics. If the potatoes is totally grown above ground, what happens? Do the eyes need glasses?


Well, the potatoes will turn green if they are exposed to light. :nauseated_face:


Is that white light (that is, all colors), or specialized, for instance “red” light, or narrow band more or less monochrome light, like some LEDs produce?


One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four.
Five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes, more.


Discussions on a public forum of private family matters like this really fry me!!!


Wow. This thread is moving around like a hot potato. Now in philosophy, it’s been in casual and moral theology at least.


That’s so dark. I love it.


Good question.



I would think it would be better.

Moles are pretty blind and live underground. If you’re a hydroponic, my guess is you’d have better eyesight.

But then you might be genetically modified, which is bad.

Ugh. Dilemmas.


We all know it’s not easy being green.



I say pee-cans, you say puh-cons.

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