We need to talk about the Potato




Is this thread serious?


Too much time on your hands.


Thyme and potatoes are ok. Similar to Rosemary potatoes.


I refuse to eat anything that was grown under a light source that is not either the sun or oLEDs. :stuck_out_tongue:


OLEDs work well, being organic and all. Is the sun considered organic?


The sun is a nuclear powered incandescent lamp. The finest kind.


I would agree. Some dislike nuclear power as a source.






Exactly! And well, I suppose it would be… Hydrogen and helium are naturally occurring elements after all. So is UV radiation. :stuck_out_tongue:


The sun is a mass of incandescent gas in a great big nuclear furnace.
What song is that from. I forgot.


I laugh every time I read someone ate smashed potatoes on the food thread,my potatoes are fine just mashed…:grin:


Yes, but smashed are much better than merely mashed, you know. :smiley_cat:


I wish I could get that excited over a potato. Although I do really like the yellow ones.


I like my potatoes twice baked. Prefer the red ones and the brown spuds when cooked just right. Just as long as they are not those limp french fried things.


Well if you plant potatoes close to onions, the onions cause the potato’s eyes to water and this helps both plants.:grin:



When I was in Turkey they grew a very flavorful yellow potato. Very good fried with onions and mushrooms.


Don’tcha just hate those soggy fries?:scream:

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