We need to talk about the Potato


Behold; The Potato.





Idolatry! Idolatry! Idolat-cheep cheep cheep!!

Munches on bird seed



I hear Yammy.


Laurel Laurel


What about con-peeled carry?


Interesting and somewhat amusing post. In thinking about the message I came to one conclusion; “we now know what happened to the brown acid at Woodstock.”


Society of Saint Fry-us the Tenth


You, Ma’am, win the Internet for the day.


This reminds me of how there’s a segment of the population that vehemently hates oatmeal raisin cookies because they have mistaken them for chocolate chip cookies on a cookie platter. I hear this and think to myself: are these people blind?


Potato pancakes are nasty.

I am not actually a fan of potatoes in general.


I agree. What a terrible waste of a good potato.


No. We’re just not in the habit of looking closely and examining our sweets before consumption…


Well, I am. If I’m going to splurge, I’m going to properly do it.


I, for one, love oatmeal raisin. And they’re healthy for you, right? Right?


Keep telling yourself that, mVitus.

Also, I like them better than a lot of other common cookies.


I never realized how much I could miss 'em until I ended up moving to a place where I’m often not allotted enough kitchen time to cook a few up.

BTW , the potato is what sustained one of our very great saints for so many years - kept him around for us.

An excerpt from The Cure of Ars - St. John Vianney ; Fr. Ed Broom, OMV :

He spent long hours in prayer; sometimes
he would spend the whole night in prayer. He added, to this, severe fasting.
Sometimes he would go a day or more without eating. On other occasions he would
boil a pot of potatoes at the start of the week and eat two or three a day—all
done for the love of God and for the salvation of immortal souls.

The breakfast (lunch and/or supper) of champions ? :potato:

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