We need your conversion/reversion story…


We are accepting conversion stories to be included in our September update of “This is the Faith Database” (www.thisisthefaith.com)). To have your conversion/reversion story included simply email your story to tim@thisisthefaith.com.

For your effort we will ship you a free copy of our Catholic Library Reference CD ($24.95 value). The offer is good through the end of August 2007. You will have the choice of downloading or having the CD mailed to you at no charge.

The conversion story must be at least 1 page written. Please include the faith tradition/ denomination/sect(s) you once belonged to or if applicable – atheism/agnosticism. Please write with charity and a spirit of ecumenism in relation to our separated brothers in Christ. We are only interested in stories of those who currently support all of the teachings of the Magisterium.

Please indicate whether you want to include your full name. We can publish with a first name only if you prefer.

Tim Cooper
Tiber Swim Team 2003


Done! :thumbsup:


I have responses from Michael and Jeff so far. Keep them coming!

I think you will enjoy the free CD. The CD has over 1000 books cover-to-cover plus lots of art, history and apologetics information. I understand John Martignoni (EWTN radio) just gave us a nice endorsement too from his latest E-Newsletter.

God bless all of you!


Do you know when you mail the CDs out? I want to tell my conversion story, but I am going to college soon, and I don’t know my address there, yet. Do you want me to write my testimonial now, and give you my college address later, or what?


Hi, Tim, do you accept a reversion story?

Just curious, as mine was already in This Rock about 8 years ago.




I saw thisisthefatih.com yesterday and am seriously considering buying it. (Being a college student etc I am also considering about talking my parish into buying it for the library.) I think it is really awesome. A few years ago I was looking into doing some sort of cross reference project but was overwhelmed by sheer volume of the texts.

Gerald Augustinius (closedcafeteria.blogspot.com) recently did a series of blog posts about conversion stories, which led me to another site:
Matt Enlow ( enloecatholic.blogspot.com/ ) who in a few days has posted more than fifteen conversion stories.

Note: Gerald’s site can be divisive at times.


spauline/Scott – Yes we accept reversion stories

Epsilon Omega – I can send you the CD any time you want. Just let me know. You can also download the program any time.

I_A_ – Thanks for the references. I will check them out.


I need to revise my blog so it makes sense as a cohesive story, but I’m working on it. :thumbsup: Just got confirmed today, so I’ll be including that part. :smiley:


Congratulations!!! :smiley:


sent mine :slight_smile:


What about the “I never left, but considered it,” stories? I almost left but it was in searching out other religions that I was led back to the Full Truth.

I left in spirit, but not in deed.


Sent mine in.


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