‘We Negroes’ robocall is an attempt to ‘weaponize race’ in Florida campaign, Gillum warns



Perhaps the people who made this were engaging in Jeong-style counter-trolling.


Wow. :frowning:

I have no words.



Words fail. Despicable.


The relative silence here by World News regulars speaks volumes, sadly.



a white supremacist group from iowa took credit for the call and local people on both sides condemned the call.

A disclaimer at the end of the robo-call says it was produced by the Road to Power, a white-supremacist and anti-Semitic group based in Idaho.

The Road to Power is also the group behind the attempt to turn the killing of Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa into anti-immigration policy and a 2018 campaign talking point.


Reporting on someone’s message of hate can sometimes serve to deliver their message to more targets. Because of this I am hesitant to condemn news agencies did not report on it.


One thing we know for certain is they will never find out who did this or be able to stop it. I get robocalls every day in my cellphone. Apparently the government with all its technology and spying can’t be bothered to stop an actual daily intrusion into my life.


Finding ways of blocking these sorts of things is very tricky. There are all kinds of tricks, like phone number spoofing, which get around any blocking attempts, and robocallers and spammers are like mice; build a better mousetrap, produce smarter mice.


With VoIP calling it is easy to spoof phone numbers and make it seem like the call is coming from within the country when actually it is from outside, like Bangladesh. The IRS scam comes to mind. I get a lot of robocalls and it’s gotten to the point that I just don’t answer if I don’t recognize the caller. If it’s important enough they’ll leave voice mail. Most of the time they don’t.

It is hard for the government to enforce the laws if the perpetrators are in foreign countries.


And it’s in part a flaw in how phone systems work. The phone number that gets passed from caller to receiver originates from the caller side. And it doesnt cost much to get a cheap VOIP and a PBX to start spoofing numbers from home.

There are valid reasons for being able to fake this information. For example, my tablet has it’s own phone number. But if I use my tablet to place a phone call it can have the number of my primary phone show up to the person i am calling. Or when i make a call from a VOIP phone from work instead of the number to my specific phone showing up a general number for the company may show. Call centers making calls on behalf of other offices or clients may also use number spoofing to show a familiar number to customers.


Your post to this overnight for most people going into a holiday and wonder why doesn’t get a lot of attention? I doubt anyone thinks this is something to applaud. But I’m not sure why the world news regulars are expected to denounce what is obviously garbage. This sort of thing is not unique to liberals or conservatives, but is common to people with absolutely no class or standards of decency.


I’d turn that around, there is certainly some silence on some issues and that is on both sides of the aisle. It didn’t seem to be problem related to these other issues. Perhaps one is being self-righteous.


Why? Apparently this was done by an white extremist group…nobody on the right gives them any attention.

My thoughts go out to the people of color, and anyone else, who had to listen to such hatred.


I get this.

Just like nobody on the left pays much attention to Antifa.


Of course you would


And sadly, nothing to condemn…which is my point…silence is agreement.


Ah, the ol’ “but they did it, too!” defense.


Asking someone one on one, I would agree. Broadcasting to know one in particular on a message board, I disagree.

Most people on this board are rightly opposed to generalizing for whole groups of people, which is essentially what you are doing.

Most topics that point out a shenanigans or mistakes by someone in the opposing party are done to make that party look bad, and as such rarely get people from said party chiming in to denounce the stupidity. They likely just aren’t interested in playing silly games.

Some knucklehead official from a state party most of us have nothing to do with did something offensive and dumb. I think everyone can see that.

Well whoopty bleeping doo. Most of us don’t expect everyone to come running to denounce some clown who happens to register in the same party as us.


No, it’s not. When a toddler is throwing a fit, a very effective way to teach that toddler that fits don’t work is to simply ignore the fit.

Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome could learn from that.

Nobody agrees with the idiots who made those terrible calls.

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