We saw his star


It was a common ancient belief that a new star appeared at the time of a ruler’s birth.
The gospel writer Matthew drew upon the Old Testament story of Balaam. He had prophesied that “A star shall advance from Jacob.” (Nm 24 27)
In The Book of Numbers passage, the star means not an astrol phenomenon but the king himself.


Without getting into the question per se.

Let me know that Scripture can have more than one sense and more than one fulfillment.


PS: I suggest Pope Benedict’s book “Jesus of Nazareth” - all three volumes…but the slim one gets into the star.



…sorry, but I missed your question…

…are you suggesting that there was no actual star (astrological body) but that passage of Scriptures is merely symbolic?

…I’m not a quite versed in etymology and the closest I come to linguistics is that I identify a root meaning “tongue” (lingua) in the makeup of the term… but the passage I have read (St. Matthew 2:1-10) seem to indicate that there was in deed a physical body which got the attention of the Magi and then led them to Jesus, in Bethlehem:

  • ‘Where is the King of the Jews?’–how do these foreigners know that the King of Israel has been birthed?

  • ‘We saw His star when it rose’–why would they refer to sighting the emergence of a star if it was merely a language permutation?

  • Herod called the Magi to find out the exact time that the star first appeared–why would there be a need to place a time on a symbolic figure of speech?

  • ‘…the star they had seen went ahead of them and stopped where the child was…’–again, how does a metaphor lead travelers to a geographical location and becomes a beacon over a particular structure on a land mass?

…yeah, there could be a coined terminology that uses symbolic language to usher in the birth of rulers… but that does not mean that St. Matthew was simply emulating familiar narrative to give his Gospel a sense of drama or authenticity–conversely, Jesus was not born in a palace… a place where the adulation of the empire’s subjects comes naturally.

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Jesus in Revelation 22:16 I defines His star as the Bright Morning Star. The right Morning Star is Venus also known as the day star. The Magi on March 26, 1AD watched Venus throughout the day then after the sun set, followed Venus all alone in the western sky up the ridge west of Bethlehem for no more than the 24 or so minutes it remained visible. It appeared to stop because its downward and northward motion were cancelled by their motion up the ridge and slightly to the south. They arrived as the Passover Seder was starting in Jerusalem. This is the reason Joseph was not mentioned and why he had to be warned in a dream.
Here is a link to the first have of how the Star led the Magi.
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Hi, Bruce!

Thanks for the link!

I saw the broadcast on EWTN, a few years ago.

I have wondered if there has been any “scholars” that have contradicted the findings…

I mean, talk about the writing on the wall… this lawyer searches through records that are easily accessible to all (those who know where to look); he makes a presentation based on mathematical equations and astronomy… a record that is patent… God’s Writing in scientific evidence the Birth of the Word Incarnate…

…from what I gathered, the events are there existing both as a testament to God’s Revelations and as scientific proof that cannot be ignored–unless those who claim that they seek Truth only seek the truth that they conceive in their own minds.

…as Romans 1 tells us, God has made Himself Known through Nature so that even those who claim ignorance of His Existence cannot avoid His Presence!

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You did not see my video on EWTN it is only posted on youtube and if you are talking about the video by Fredrick Larson, there are many things wrong with it, the most obvious is that a star moving west cannot guide one south and the King Herod sent the Magi to Bethlehem so they did not need to have the star guide them there.
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Hi, Bruce!

[FONT=“Palatino Linotype”][size=]…I may have erred since the title is very similar… I do have a copy of it, I recorded it off-air when it was telecast… I will look into the your statement about Fredrick Larson (not good with names so I do not know if this is the person accredited for the video); I may have also err on the occupation of the person who made the presentation… though I doubt your conclusion (‘right over there, in Bethlehem’)since Scriptures do state that the star actually highlighted the structure where the child was to be found… remember back when there were no orbital satellites enabling gps… foreigners on the hunt for a particular structure amongst many similar ones could well take a few hours to discover the correct one!

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How could a Star lead?


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