We should try to be nicer to one another


The last few days have had threads that kept going on and on, I am sure you know which ones I mean. I was disappointed to see that some just kept egging people on in what was clearly to get a negative response. We are all here to learn from one another, our different opinions mean so much and keep this going in a "nice’ way. I know so many of you have been a member longer than I have and I would like for you to guide us if you will. I have gotten to know so many of you and most are kind and considerate Please I am not being condescending I care that’s all. God Bless all of you’ :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


Always good to be reminded of this. :+1:


No, I’m not. I really have no idea which ones you are talking about.


Thanks for this timely reminder. Being nicer to one another is a good thing. I’m not sure that everyone on the forum is here to learn from one another though. Some like to argue, some like to point out problems, some want to socialize, etc. If I wanted to recommend a place specifically to learn about Catholcism, I would point to www.catholic.com, the main site of Catholic Answers, or also to EWTN.com, both good sources. But the CA Forums are a nice place to exchange ideas, nonetheless.


Indeed. Nice does not seem to be part of the lexicon of some posters. I follow the fora as sometimes it will give me an insight or two to draw me a bit closer to Jesus. Different viewpoints and all that.

I will admit you have to wade thru a lot of drano infested threads though.

What I DO find is that it certainly helps me in ways I didn’t anticipate…

  1. Improves my patience.
  2. By being exposed to so many -er- nasty threads, I get to see how NOT to behave. I think it has taught me a bit more tact than I used to have.
  3. Realize how many really wierd ideas are out there.

Some areas I will monitor but not comment on. I just don’t get into the how many angels fit on the head of a pin stuff.

In addition to the links you provided, Catholic Radio is also a good resource to learn about Catholicism.



Some good points. You said it better than I could.


Agenda posting seems to be the norm now.

I agree Anna.

We are the public face of the Catholic Church. What face are we showing.


I am familiar with Catholic answers and EWTN I choose this site because of the wide range of subjects and I find it interesting.I understand some like to argue to prove a point, but it should end at some point someone should say I’ll let you have the last word… Socializing is fun I enjoy the causal site and I like to “kid” around on some other sites Thank you for your input. Hope to see your post on other sites. God Bless::butterfly:


Thank you, you always seem to be there when I need a friend. Agreed we are the face of the Catholic Church and we should represent it as such. There are times I understand when we need to laugh at each other on certain post and get “away” from it for awhile…Always enjoy running into you . God Bless :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


My dear fried in christ,

Let us neither forget nor minimize the essential need for the TRUTH in any discussion.

That search for the elusive is what prolongs, very often, thread lengths

God Bless you,


The truth should always be brought out and if it takes a long thread to get there I agree. It is not the length of the thread It’s when people start slinging insults at one another and no one will concede and let the other have last say. I understand that one could find themselves embroiled in a heated debate but when it gets personal the subject gets lost. Thank you Patrick for your input. God Bless. :butterfly::butterfly::


God bless you



Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, in this forum may we be guided by your wisdom, your love, and the abiding presence of your Spirit. Help us to grow in faith, seek the truth, serve one another, and bring out the best in each other, and in this way give glory to you. We ask this through Christ our Lord.



On the other hand, the difference between honesty and agenda is sometimes dependent on who you ask.


While NOT disagreeing with you; I have often found my attempts at factually sharing TRUTH to be considered deeming and argumentative.; but it has to be shared,



The forums are a great place to exercise virtue. :slight_smile:


I would say that if you feel a thread is getting out of hand as you described, flag a post and just tell the moderator what you just told us. The moderator may then be more inclined to intervene in some way. Just don’t overdo it. :slightly_smiling_face:
My 2 cents.

For some reason, UFC just popped into my head. :thinking:


I don’t want to get radical yet, but if I did see something that questionably deserved a flag I would go for it. The other day when I was watching the post I brought up I exited ,because it was getting to be to much and was getting personal, I go back and their still at it, a half hour later :roll_eyes: Don’t get me wrong some of it was so ridiculous that I was laughing but point being…it got out of hand the thread was lost and I am sure feelings were hurt… Look forward to your post always interesting. God Bless :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:



Thank you for bringing this up.


Well. Everyone knows it’s 7.7 E 777. It’s perfectly evident to most enlightened minds.



I too have tired other “christian” Forums and more more venom than wisdom; and charity seems never to have been heard of:blush:

Nice puppy too



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