We tried so hard!

My scruples are nagging me. My dad and I planned to go to a Sunday Mass at the college I’m going to before their Freshman Preview day, but we missed it and now I’m worried I’ve broken the first commandment. :blush:

Here’s the story:
We got up and ready and went down to catch the shuttle bus to the airport. We missed the first shuttle by like one minute and waited for the next one. We got to the airport and planned to take their train system to the New Jersey Transit train system. However, one of the trains we needed to ride was down for about 30min! We connected to New Jersey Transit via Jamaica station (I know none of you wil know these places, but I just don’t want to use ambiguities). We rode the train to Secacus Junction and missed the train to South Orange because of that darn airport shuttle train!! We finally got to South Orange right when Mass ended (about 9:30)

There was another one at ten, and I suggested going to it, but my dad said no becasue we “came here just for this day and we can’t miss it”. I felt guilty that I was listening to a speech rather than going to Mass. There was also one at 6pm that we could have gone to and I suggested that, but my dad said no we have to go to the airport so as not to miss our flight.

The flight was cancelled anyway, so we could have gone to the Mass (in South Orange, New Jersey) but we were at the airport (New York JFK). I feel bad that I didn’t go to Mass. Does God understand that I wanted and tried to go? I feel like He has a right to be upset because I could have gone (especially to the 8 o’clock one) but I was listening to speeches and touring the college (which was the whole point of the trip). Financially, we couldn’t rent a car because we couldn’t really afford the trip, but my parents really wanted to go out to NJ so we could see it. I understand that, but I feel like I put a college visit ahead of my soul. :frowning: Advice?

God Bless, scapularkid. Missing mass is allowed under the following circumstances: 1) due to illness 2) due to travel. I’m sure this in the CCL, but I can’t find the reference at the moment. It sounds to me like you made a true attempt to go to mass. However, a couple of things you could consider doing:

  1. mention it to your confessor

  2. attend a daily mass and pray for all those who cannot attend mass due to persecution of the Church.

I’m still a student, so daily Mass is not really conducive to my schedule…I will try to pray about this situation. Perhaps this is an opportunity for God to show me how he loves me no matter what. I’ve always had this incorrect view that God gets mad so easily and that He’s ‘angry’ with me when I sin. Pray for me because I’m trying to get over this worrying…

In the chapel at the airport I prayed the Litrgy of the Hours in front of the Most Holy Sacrament and asked Him for forgiveness and to show me how I can forgive myself…

Isn’t it wonderful that our God is a God of LOVE a God who forgives who has mercy for His children who relates not to not doing but to intentions. Yours were honerable and that is what God loves in His children.

God bless

I’m a little confused by that!

You tried so hard, you have nothing to worry. God looks into our hearts, he knows your intention. It’s good that you have strong desire of following God’s commandments, but it is also important to trust in God’s mercy. Know that God is loving and merciful.


I think Littleone is saying that God knows your intention, not just your deed, and that he is all-loving and all-merciful. God Bless.

I’m sorry for not replying but yes that is just what I was implying. I have many tears for the thought of our Maker, Father, Teacher, Lover, Brother, creator, forgiver, isn’t God all of these things? I believe so and yet in amongst it all when we think we have done so wrong, He tells us that His mercy covers what we think are transgressions against the church teaching and the Ten Commandments. He forgives forever for He knows or frailties.

What a God we have, sing a new song unto the Lord, for His mercy lasts forever. '
God bless

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