We were responsible for Berkeley effigies of lynched black trio, says artist collective


Didn’t anyone in this group stop and think that people might feel threatened before they decided to display effigies of lynched blacks?

An artist collective claimed responsibility on Sunday for the effigies of three lynched black people hanging on UC Berkeley’s campus, saying the cardboard cutouts were meant to confront the “systemic racism” that claimed the lives of Eric Garner and other black Americans.

In a statement posted to a campus bulletin board, the “collective of queer black and [people of color] artists” apologized “solely and profusely to black Americans who felt further attacked by this work”.

“We are sorry – your pain is ours, our families’, our history’s,” the group wrote. But they also refused to back down. “For those who think these images no longer relevant to the social framework in which black Americans exist everyday – we respectfully disagree.”


Another faked “hate crime”. I think that this one was a fake was obvious from the stat.


“We are sorry – your pain is ours, our families’, our history’s,” the group wrote."

What a ridiculous and offensive statement.

And it was pretty clear from the start this was another case of leftists faking a hate crime to try and rile up people. Thankfully it didn’t work this time.


'We are sorry – our racebaiting was over the top,
we should have consulted Al Sharpton first"
the group thought


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