When someone hasn’t been to Mass for a while. Are they suffering from mortal sin or weakness from not taking the host?

I think both. Not only is willingly skipping Mass a mortal sin, not having Holy Communion is a lost opportunity to receive God’s grace. I know that after every Mass, my faith is reinvigorated. I am ready to tackle all the trials of the week, knowing I have God at my side. There have been times when I missed Mass without a good reason when I wasn’t a very good believer. I realized later on that the longer I went without Holy Communion (and of course confession to be able to receive again), the easier it was to not think about things as God would. I started thinking for myself more, which led me to sin much easier.

When I finally get moved I’ll be able to use the buses to get to the weekday Masses at my parish. The Sat vigil I won’t be able to go to because it starts at 5PM and the last buses go home at 5:30PM. And they don’t run Sunday. But I have some things to confess right now anyway. I believe at times when taking Eucharist I have felt venial sin leave.

Since you don’t have the means to get to Mass, you are not committing mortal sin. The venial sin will be forgiven when you take the Eucharist, as you say. Although you miss Mass, you can still celebrate an incomplete Mass by watching it on TV or listening to it on the radio. You could also read all the Mass parts online. You won’t receive the grace as you would in a real Mass, but it is at least a way to recognize the Lord’s Day.

I also just realized I have a doctor’s appointment in the 5th, Ash Wednesday. Dr.'s appts. are hard to get. I was really looking forward to Ash Wednesday. Will I be alright if I miss it because of a Doc’s appointment?

Ash Wednesday isn’t a holy day of obligation, so you’ll be fine to go to the doc’s.

Oh I thought it was.

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