Wearing a four way cross medal before I become Catholic?

My friend gifted me with a four way cross medal, because I wished I had something I could wear that could be a reminder of my faith to me throughout the day. I would be wearing it on the inside of my shirt. But on the back of the medal there is an inscription that says, “I am a Catholic, in case of emergency, please call a priest.”
since I haven’t officially been received into the church yet, is that dishonest to wear? I do believe I am Catholic at heart, but I want to be respectful about the fact I am not a full member of the church in the meantime.
I have been baptized, if that matters, though in a protestant church

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You’ll need the Sacraments whether you’re fully initiated or not, so it should be fine. It says you’re Catholic, not that you’re a baptized confirmed Catholic who has received First Communion.

(On a perhaps slightly disappointing side note, it’s unlikely that the paramedics/doctors would look at it anyway.)

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If you have been baptized but not yet received into full communion, and you believe in Catholicism, there is no dishonesty about it. I would also say that it is imperative that a priest be called immediately in the case of an emergency.
PS. Welcome home to the Catholic Church in advance!

The idea is if you’re in mortal danger a priest can be called to administer last rites.

When the priest gets there, explain the situation & trust his judgment.

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