Wearing a rosary for protection, but believing only in something greater, not God


Recently, I got a rosery from my brother, which he didn’t wear. He believes in god, but I don’t. I searched these forums, and I found out, that it is offensive to wear a rosery, while not believing in god, that it’s not a jewelry, but a prayer, which is what I love about roseries: A greater purpose. I, like a lot of people, belive in ,something greater, not exactly god, but something greater. I do believe in spirits of the dead, ghosts of our close ones and these spiritual matters, including roseries BEING protective, the matters most people call humbug. I read a bit about roseries, and it kind of opened my eyes. It gave me the feeling, that although I do not believe in god, the ,something greater, will see my faith, expressed by wearing a rosery, into these spiritual matters and favor, benefit me, and protect me from most of the mean stuff. So, here’s the question: Is it okay to wear a rosery, if I believe in ,something greater, and believe that it will benefit me, lower my chances for being robbed, hurt or ,violated, otherwise? I know that a rosery is suppose to be for catholic people ONLY, but, as I said, I believe it WILL protect me.
Thank you in advance for all answers


I’m not too sure what to say, here. Personally I wouldn’t find it offensive for you to wear rosary beads… as long as you’re not using it in a degrading way. As Catholics, we’re not allowed to wear things as charms… and yet, we do have the benedictine medal which many people say has a protective aspect to it.

I wonder why you want to wear rosary beads as protection… from what, exactly? Do you have a sense of awareness of demons or evil spirits? Why would you suppose that the rosary beads are protective if you don’t believe in God? Who do you suppose will protect you? Btw, the rosary is the prayer, not the beads themselves, just so you know.


You are on your journey home to God.

What makes you believe there is protection in the Rosary and
What are you being protected from?


Your post seems illogical and superstitious. The rosary worn around your neck will be useless, profane, if you have no faith in God.


Ah but this person believes that wearing a Rosary, the Blessed Virgin will protect , so this person does indeed have belief, even if it’s not faith


Ok, BUT, he believes the power is not from God’s grace, so it warps who the Blessed Virgin really is…

It seems these new age folks recreate her into this magician type goddess. Personally, I see that as warped, and therefore demonic.


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I do believe in demons and these kinds of evil forces, not in Satan tho. It has proven to me a few times, so I want to wear rosery to protect me from these kinds. I also want it to bring me luck, like health etc. Something like a carp scale in your pocket [I’m not a native so I don’t know the word exactly, but it’s what covers carps’ skin]. It’s just some kind of an idea in my mind. As I said, the ,something greater, is going to see, that I believe in these forces and will protect me from demons, and bring me luck. I know it doesn’t make sense, but I don’t know any catholites, I didn’t see any documentary about god or anything,… As I said, I don’t believe anything specific, just something greater. I know I sound possesed with that ,something greater.


Faith and belief have to start somewhere, I always find it curious when a professed atheist declares belief in evil. And the devil… if only more Catholics would.

newsflash op, satan is a demon. So you do believe in the devil.

The Rosary doesn’t bring luck. Catholics don’t believe in luck. In that way


I’m going to sound childish, but it’s an idea that came into my mind all of sudden, and I believe it. Nothing specific makes me to, it’s just an inner feeling. I’m not an catholite, I wasn’t in church, nor do I have any catholite friends, so I’m inexperienced, and when it comes to this, in a lot of ways stupid.



Pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary to bring you closer to her Son, Jesus. I detect the Holy Spirit moving in your soul. Mary is there . We pray with the Rosary. Jesus protects us from evil.

It’s not childish, it’s faith. Not stupid either


Please, I don’t want to sound corrupted or anything, nor do I want to look so. That’s why I’m asking you. If it is offensive, and stupid, I will not wear it, and just keep it and be grateful for it. But I do believe that it has a greater purpose, that’s why I don’t want to have it on my table and and want to use it. I’m sorry if my inexperience offendes you, I don’t know much about catholites and that. So, sorry…


Hi :slight_smile:

There’s nothing stupid or childish about having an awareness of something greater and something evil.

I think this is interesting.

I think this is a good idea. I reckon you should try praying.


Please, don’t take it as an insult, but I don’t think it to make sense to pray to something I don’t believe in. If it was unclear, I don’t believe in God, the Blessed Virgin Mary or anything. Also, I just wanted to know if it’s okay to wear a rosary with these ,wierd beliefs, of mine.


Do you know what the Rosary is?


Prayer is simply asking for something. Maybe keep it simple and ask for protection and understanding? Just think about it.


Do not take it offensively, but why should I pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary, if I don’t believe in her?
I’m going to sound mean, but I’m going to be direct, so sorry. I didn’t come here to debate about if I should become a catholite and start believing in God, I came to ask if it’s alright to wear a rosary, but believe in these ,supernatural, forces.


Eleyron , do you know what the Rosary is


I simply meant to ask the greater good for protection and understanding. I didn’t mean a personal prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I haven’t taken any offense :slight_smile:


Yes, I do. It’s a prayer used in a catholic church. If not, please correct me.

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