wearing a suit extravagant?

I hope this is in the right place but I don’t know. I have always dressed sloppily but recently some things have made me rethink this, and I bought a decent suit from a thrift store to wear to mass, nothing really fancy just decent. I have no idea about formal clothing. is a full suit for sunday mass too much even if the others are wearing shorts and t shirts. will I look prideful or like I think I am better than others for dressing up? I have no middle ground just grubby nasty baggy clothes and one suit. nothing “business casual” or anything like that. so is a suit over the top, or just fine even if I look out of place or like an usher?

No amount of dress is too much for Mass. At Mass we sit in the presence of and commune with the God of the universe. How could a t-shirt and shorts be more appropriate than a suit for such an important occasion?

just to clarify I have never worn shorts or a t shirt to mass myself. but I haven’t worn anything nice either.

My belief if God loves you as you are. I think dressing nice for the Lord though is only proper. I don’t think it would be over the top to wear a suit.

I know at my parish, there are people from all walks of life that dress in many manners. Some men who are very wealthy will always wear suits to mass, but I also know some very humble men who come from meager homes who also will wear a suit. Do what you think is best… pray over it and God will guide you.

I think though the fact that you want to look good for God and show Him the respect that He deserves will answer your question for you.

YBIC - John

Well you wouldn’t go to a wedding in overalls, so it shouldn’t be any different at Mass.

Honestly though, I don’t think wearing a suit is extravagent. It really depends on the occasion. That being said, I do not believe that wearing a suit is ‘extravagant’ for a sunday Mass. Rather, I think it’s appropriate than say, a t-shirt and shorts.

Just my two cents.

It it written in Psalms that we should praise the Lord in holy attire. Now a suit is not holy in and of itself. But then again it is not your everyday clothing either which is what I believe the passage intends. I don’t always wear a suit or a sports coat but I do try to dress up which, at least from that passage in Psalms, is what we should all aim for.

Another thing that gets to me is when people wear shorts and they say well it is hot. At least in my church it is not the case. I think shorts in our church is inappropriate.


My major pet peeeeeeeve in life is the way people dress at Mass. I know that you’ve heard say that people will dress to the nines (I know that phrase dates me) when they go out for the evening or to a special event, but when they visit our Lord they dress like they are going to McDonalds. It’s so true, though. I see everything at Mass. Shorts, tank tops, young girls barely covered, wrinkled shirts, t shirts with sport logos. Last week I saw several woman in front of me that had bra straps showing out of their little straps that held up their immodest dresses. Going to Mass isn’t a fashion show. Anyway I’m ranting and I’m sorry. I don’t think a suit is over the top although in my parish not many do. Most people dress in something nice, meaning for men slacks and a sport shirt and woman pants and a nice top. If you feel out of place in a suit go back to the thrift store and get a pair of slacks and a sport shirt. I’ve just recently decide to dress a little nicer. I decided for Sunday Mass I would wear a white shirt and tie. I think how you look affects your attitude and reverence.

I think a suit is not appropriate or needed where the climate is extremely hot. Temps in the 100s start here in May!

Or when it is impossible to buy a well fitting suit. I have an unusual body type and suits for me would have to be custom-made. I cannot begin to afford that.

And when you consider that God knows exactly what you look like in your birthday suit…

PS I don’t go to Mass in my birthday suit of course. I wear nice jeans and long sleeved shirts. :slight_smile:

Wearing a suit is not extravagant. You bought it for this purpose. There’s no reason to fear the thoughts of others. Follow through on what God planted in your soul and wear your suit.

We have several threads on appropriate dress for mass. You’ll find them in the search engine. You may have to do an advanced search to get in as many words as possible. :slight_smile:

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