Wearing baseball caps at Mass.

I was at Mass yesterday at another parish that I attend once in a while. I noticed two men wearing baseball caps during Mass. One of the men was involved in passing the collection basket. I know church attire has become more casual for many people over the years. But I think wearing baseball caps at Mass is a no-no. Perhaps there are exceptions. A while back at another parish, I saw a boy wearing a baseball cap. He removed it for a time while in the communion line. It revealed some hair loss, possibly due to a medical condition. Other than that situation, has wearing baseball caps at Mass gone to far?

i don’t think wearing hats inside a building is respectful. However, I don’t try to get caught up in who wears what or doesn’t wear what to Mass. To me, when the focus become dress, etc. then the focus is taken off the Lord and His Sacrifice.

I don’t think that was respectful to wear baseball hats during mass. I am ok with jeans and t shirts, but I also think that when women wear booty shorts or not enough clothing that is also a bad idea.

The other day I saw a girl wearing shorts that were way too short. I know there is no dress code for Mass but… really people? We’re standing right before Jesus himself and you decide to wear that?

That’s probably why he was wearing a baseball hat - possible med condition resulting in hair loss. It’s really not a big deal.

Yep I totally agree. I guess my rule is that if a person’s outfit would be distracting to a reasonable person, it is a bad idea. Baseball caps may or may not be distracting, but it is a cultural thing for men to take off their hats as a sign of respect. If they would take off their hat to sing the national anthem and honor the country, they should DEFINITELY be doing it to honor our Lord.

I get very bored whilst at Mass as no one is giving me the attention I deserve. So I tend to spend my time looking at what people wear, who they talk to and any particular mannerisms etc. It passes the time. When Mass is over, I like to go with the people to where the tea and cake is so I can watch them a while before I join the herd to the car park where I ruthlessly attempt to be the first out. I like cake. People are so disrespectful at Mass in what they wear. I am personally outraged but I offer it up for the reparation of the sins of so many around me.

I 100% agree with you.

Hmm…when I assist in communion and I spot a man wearing a hat, I tell the man to remove it.

As for hats, I keep it on during Mass, I only uncover my head at the start of the Preface and return it after Mass.

In our parish church, there is a chart by the door showing the proper attire for men and women. On Sundays, there are ushers/greeters who remind some people about the proper dress code. And yes, baseball caps should not be worn inside - in general.

The mind boggles. Isn’t it Catholicism 101 that men remove their head coverings in church??

yes it is catholicism 101 that men are “supposed to be” uncovered inside a church

it is easy to get annoooyed at this sort of thing

i try to remind myself that the “man” is at least inside our church rather than someplace far worse

I think the whole hats in a building thing is not taken as seriously. Church attire is casual these days. I never wear shorts of small skirts to church my legs are too long. Sadly white clothing can become see through

Quite so. I keep checking Dante to see which Circle of Hell those who wear baseball caps in church are assigned to; haven’t found it yet, but I’m sure they’re there. (Wearing baseball caps backwards in church merits an even lower circle, but I digress.)

I assist with wedding rehearsals and with Baptisms, where predictably young men are present who don’t normally darken the doorways of a church. I always ask them to remove their caps, and it stuns me as to (a) even having to mention it, and, (b) the resistance I sometimes get. And not so much teenagers - 30-somethings who should clearly know better. Truly the End Times.

Don’t even get me started on men wearing ballcaps at table in “nice” restaurants, either. I realize that’s not church, but still . . . .


Hats are a non-no.

Having said that, when you vacation at the beach, there are tons of people in shorts and very casual wear. :shrug:

Generally though, I have noticed a certain “anything goes” attitude in recent years. Especially among the youth. Older folks tend to know better. My Irish born husband is shocked when he sees men in golf shorts at Mass. They’re long, and well tailored, but he just thinks it’s horrible. I guess it depends on how you were brought up.
My mother always wore dresses and low heels, and my father a full dress suit.
His hat remained in the car. :wink:

Last time, when I attended a Mass in a church in Boracay, Philippines, I was thinking of wearing pants but my mom said to wear shorts for Mass, due to the excuse that “it is hot.” I obeyed yet I did not receive communion (it was the Solemnity of Corpus Christi back then.)

And yeah, anything goes. My mother scolds me for kneeling on the ground (since the were no kneelers present) everytime I do it. The excuse she uses is “You will dirty your clothes.” What my family does when that scenario is present is they sit during the Consecration. (HOW DISRESPECTFUL!!)

Some parishes do have dress codes. Visiting one this past Sunday, I heard the pastor emphasize it during the brief announcements right before the sermon. Wish it was like that everywhere.

Yeah, it bothered me Sunday seeing several women, including the usher showing cleavage. :o

I know…don’t look ! I kept turning away.

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