wearing purple

Since it is lent then does everyone wear purple everywhere you go or just at church? Is it some thing that is expected if you sing in the choir?:slight_smile:

You don’t have to wear purple at all, anywhere, during Lent. The vestments of the priests are purple during Lent. Now if you want to, you can, but that has never been a requirement in the Church, as far as I know.


Ditto. I have been at churches where the lectors (women mostly) tried to wear a purple blouse in Lent and Advent, etc. Was kind of nice but NOT AT ALL suggested.
I’ve also had choirs who had white robes with various liturgically colored sashes.
But as other have said,
The colors are for the priests and deacons. :thumbsup:

If I worked in an office I would like to wear a purple tie during lent and advent.

But no obligation.

Unless you’re part of a group like choir that has decided to wear a certain color during a liturgical season of the year, there’s no reason you have to wear purple during Lent. I think some people like to wear purple during Lent since the season is associated with that color. I wear purple whenever I feel like it during the whole year since it’s my favorite color.

To me it is just another example of the laicization or the priests or the ordination of the laity. :shrug:

Huh?? What?

I am very glad that purple is not required of the laity during Lent. All I have in that color is a purple sweatshirt with the stars from Giant on it. (Liz, Rock, and James Dean). I got the shirt at a restaurant in Marfa TX where Giant was filmed.

Somehow I think that would not be appropriate to wear to Mass!

Our parish encourages people to wear red on Pentecost. And neither that, nor the non-existent requirement to allegedly wear purple during Lent, either reduces priests to the lay state nor confers some kind of “ordination” on the laity. Just how would wearing, say, a purple sweater accomplish that?

I completely agree! :thumbsup:

It is a nice “compliment” to the surroundings to wear the color of the liturgical day/season.
I consider it the same as wearing a Christmas sweater or tie on or around December 25, but that in no way makes you any more a “Santa Claus.”

LOL the last thing I think of when I wear a purple sweater is that I am tryiing to dress like the priest. I like purple. It is kind of fun to see pink, I mean ROSE two Sundays a year. The red on Pentecost is nice. It is a way to celebrate that is far below that we get to participate in the Holy Mass but is just a little fun.

I try to wear the liturgical colors of purple or red on feasts, solemnities and in seasons when I cantor because they look good with the environment, not because I want to look like a priest or want to confer some sort of ordination upon myself. I also think that it shows that I am aware of the season, feast, or solemnity we are celebrating and that I am appropriately prepared, internally and externally.

This thread has made me realize I own very few purple garments.

Hmm, I’m glad they don’t require that, lol.

Monday I thought of this thread as I dressed in green. It really doesn’t mean that much. It is not needed but if we want to go ahead… I certainly don’t wear purple every Mass during Lent

Not unless you’re a priest.

I usually wear a purple shirt once a week. It reminds me of the Passion and what Christ endured for me and my sins. It helps me a lot. Keeps me focused on Him throughout the week.

Considering our parish uses violet vestments beginning the 3rd Sunday before Ash Wednesday, throughout Lent, and all but one day of Advent, I’d need a lot of purple ties!

Thankfully they’re only required on Fridays during football season around here.


The liturgical color is known as violet, and not purple, which is an ambiguous color name.

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