Wearing speedos, yea or nay?

In my opinion, compared to the board shorts, speedos are more comfortable and supportive, much better for swimming, dry much faster, and they make my legs, butt and package look good. It is absolutely not wrong for a man to desire these things, and anybody who has a problem with it should just look away. I am not responsible for the sins of other people, they have to guard their own eyes. And if other people can’t stop themselves from falling into lust from looking at my adonis body, that’s their problem. God gave me this body I shouldn’t have to cover it up.

Plus if we start oppressing men with puritan standards of modesty, the next thing you know we will have the handmaids tale on our hands and men will be forced to go to the beach in knights armour.

I personally dont know why men get such flack for wearing something thats comfortable like the speedo is. I smell a double standard.

And here we go. I got my popcorn and my 3D glasses all set.


especially the knight’s armour - that would be the male equivalent of the burka :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, as long as you have an adonis body… :rolleyes: I’m sure the greater sin would be to rob womankind of the spectacle of your amazing physique.


Quite honestly, I don’t care if some guy is a professional body builder, speedos make me laugh. I don’t find the male “package” to be a big turn on, it is more comical to me.

Oh great, now I have toothpaste all down the front of me. :choocho:

I don’t know about falling into lust, but what about falling into disgust.

In water polo we have to wear speedos…

I hereby nominate this for “thread of the week” :smiley:

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Well done, Estevao, well done! :thumbsup:

You’re on CA while you’re brushing your teeth? You sure are devoted! Aren’t you worried your computer will get wet?


Laugh if you must (and everyone does :o), but the Leader of the Opposition here, perhaps soon to be PM, is a stauch believer in Speedos. He swims a lot, competes in triathlons too I think, and is frequently photographed at the beach in nothing but his Speedos and perhaps a lifesaver’s cap. :smiley:

By the way, he’s on the conservative side of the political spectrum here, and Catholic. :slight_smile:

You don’t have a location listed so I’m just going to guess … Abbott? :confused:

Speedos are great for a laugh ! The build does not matter, they look silly.

Speedos have their place for example in certain water sports or adult beaches yes it works. On public beaches and where children are around, I say hell no. I will admit, I enjoy seeing a well built guy wearing one, but that said, they don’t provide the men with as much support as the swim suits that look like shorts. I personally prefer seeing a well built guy in a nice part of shorts vs a speedo. Furthermore, some guys wear them so tight that people can tell if the guy is circumcised or not. This becomes even more apparent if guy has come out of really cold water. There are some things about a guy unless I am his wife or doctor I don’t want to know.

As Christians we are called to be modest which means women are called to wear swim suits that is pretty, flattering to one’s body shape and covers certain areas very well. Guys no speedos unless it is for water sports.

Just my opinion, but I think you are probably getting the reaction you are because you came across as arrogant. If you take good care of your body and you look great, that’s a good thing, too many of us take a perfectly good body and let them go. It just doesn’t come across well when you brag about it. For a beach setting, I think more of a short trunk suit would look better, but if you are talking about just being on a beach in a Speedo to strut around and pose, well that doesn’t look good for either a man or a woman no matter what they are wearing.

To answer your question, yes, there is a big double standard. Women can run around in their under ware, and it’s just fine with people. If people are honest, if you really look at any two piece bathing suit, it is just the type of material that makes the difference between women’s under ware and a “bathing suit”, it’s not the pattern or design.

Now for a pool setting. Both my kids were swimmers throughout their school years and into college, so I have been around Speedos for a long time. They are fine. Anyone who swims for speed doesn’t want to be pulling a bunch of water logged material around lap after lap, that’s just stupid. Swimming is a great sport and can save a life. I know more guys would swim in their formative years, but are too embarrassed to be seen in a Speedo, and never even try because of the comments they hear. How sad that we do that to our sons. **

Pride eh ?

Thanks for the amusement during breakfast, now I will go to work with a huge smile- really, maybe we should all write down “I look good and I know it” on a little paper and pin it on the wall :D:D:D

Or “I’m sexy and I know it”…that has a song to go with it too. Perhaps the OP should walk onto the beach with this playing as his entrance theme.

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