Wearing the rosary


I always carry my Rosary with me, I usually put it in my pocket whenever I leave the house. I was wondering if it would be okay to wear my Rosary around my neck. I’ve looked into the topic and some say that if it’s for a sign of faith it’s okay and others even encourage it. I would never wear it for fashion as The Rosary has helped me through difficult moments in my life.
What do you guys think?

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There is no sin one way or the others, so I say whatever one is comfortable with.
Worn, it can be a visible sign of devotion, much like wearing a crucifix. It can spark a conversation that may become a moment of evangelizing



I carry two rosaries will me most of the day in a pocket or such. I don’t wear rosaries not that you couldn’t but I think people might see that and view it as a fashion statement and not as a holy object. Obviously you aren’t doing it for fashion but since it would be an evangelizing moment, you don’t want others to think it is just “some rope.”

I do wear a Crucifix and Miraculous Medal over all my clothes during the day and sleep with it on as well. It certainly opens to good conversations about “what is that?” but also it is a constant reminder to me of what true love is, which is the cross that Jesus sacrificed Himself on.



Didn’t Madonna wear a rosary in the 80s?

The only other person I ever saw wear a rosary was some sort of fanatic who used to come to church in a get-up that was reminiscent of a Medieval pilgrim. She also talked to herself.

In short, no, don’t wear it. Why would you want to???



Wearing rosaries is fairly common among the Hispanic community in this area. It is a symbol of faith, like wearing a crucifix.



I wear mine frequently because I either don’t have a pocket it will fit in or I don’t want to lose it out of my pocket, and I like to say it in the car and follow the old practice of “rosary should be on your person if you are engaged in an activity like driving where you can’t hold it.”

It’s not for fashion, it’s for function. Since I look and dress nothing like 80s Madonna, I think people will understand.



Yes especially if you pray on it.

Otherwise it shouldn’t worn simply as a fashion accessory.



its fine. get it blessed

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I think it looks tacky.

But I ain’t nobody.



I always wear a rosary ring and pray with it



The Enchirodion of indulgences gives a partial indulgence for wearing a rosary.
If you do that in the United States then you should be aware that you might be persecuted.



My rosary is a spiritual tool, a very special and sacred thing, I hold it with reverence and I wouldn’t wear it around my neck outside of a shirt because I wouldn’t want other people to start wearing them as a fashion item. I would find that disrespectful and degrading to Our Lady.

That’s just the way I feel about it. I often see people wearing a crucifix or a cross and I think that’s fine, but a rosary seems more personal somehow, I have put a lot of emotion and thought into my time spent praying the rosary, it’s too personal and private to display publicly to me.



I think that indulgence has been abolished. As I understand it, it was specific to members of the Rosary Confraternity at least for a while.

I don’t recall reading any indulgence for wearing a rosary either in the current Manual or in the current list of indulgences for the Rosary Confraternity, which I joined last year. The only indulgences one gets are (a) for praying the Rosary and (b) if you’re a member of Rosary Confraternity, you can get a plenary on certain feast days like Christmas, Easter and a bunch of Marian feasts.

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I’ve never worn any of my Rosaries and I never would. Just doesn’t feel right to me.

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The only thing I will say about this is that if you do it in the United States, you may receive push back from some people. There are some American Catholics who really find it offensive due to the actions of people like Madonna, gang members, etc.

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When I wear my Rosary, I wear it around my neck and under my clothing. I am not ashamed of it; not at all! But wearing it truly is more of a private prayer…like going into the inner room to pray (Matthew 6: 5 - 6).
After consecrating myself to Christ through Mary through the book “33 Days to Morning Glory…,” I began to wear “chains” (bracelets) as a reminder to myself of this consecration. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my work (and a lifetime of terrible clumsiness), I kept breaking and or losing them! The Rosary is safe under my clothing.

Also, a friend visited the Vatican this past summer; she was give a blessed Rosary indirectly from the Pope. The Rosary has a clasp like a necklace, thus, it was meant to wear (and use!). I appreciate the post, and plan to wear mine daily now. I always felt a little guilty about wearing it, not because of judgement from outsiders but because of judgement from within.

By the way, as a new member of this site, I just want to share how good it is to discuss and learn about Catholic matters through and with you. Thanks!



I actually found an article about two teenage guys in one city being ordered not to wear their rosaries at school because it was considered a gang symbol. The article was 10 years old so I don’t know if this mindset has changed since.

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I don’t think it has (unfortunately).



I’ve occasionally worn a rosary going to Adoration or while praying.

The actual Rosary I use to help me keep track is a ring, but you can pretty much use a sacramental however you want as long as you aren’t using it for secular reasons (i.e. fashion/decoration). Sacred objects should be used for the sacred and profane (common) objects should be used for the profane.

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I have a couple of rosary bracelets I wear ever so often. My church has a large Hispanic congregation and some of them wear rosaries. Robin Zander, the lead singer for Cheap Trick wears a rosary necklace and has for some time.
Personally, I wouldn’t. But I think it’s all in the intent of the wearer.


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