Wearing the rosary



Truth be told, my head’s too big.


I tend to prefer a bracelet over a necklace. A lot of places do have rosaries as necklaces associated with disrespectful behavior. Necklaces or rings don’t tend to have that.


It’s already blessed :slight_smile:


Catholics should take back the rosary I believe.


I don’t disagree


In Kindergarten I was always told not to do that because it is not a piece of jewlery. However, that was Kindergarten and obviously you understand that so I think it would be up to you.


My dad really really wanted to wear his rosary around his neck, but was frustrated he couldn’t find one that would fit his head (lol). We were initially horrified by the idea, but he insisted.

So we girls put our heads together and my mom had a gold one made (to try and camouflage it as a normal chain), and had it blessed. Turned out beautiful (although he wore it on the inside and it could hardly be seen). He used it so much that the gold actually got a chance to wear down. It eventually broke and he lost in somewhere, which was a real shame.

He replaced it with a plastic one he found that was big enough as he did not want my mom to spend too much money again, on one he could lose. He passed away still wearing the rosary. (sob) So I will always remember my father every time someone speaks of wearing the rosary.


yes, i wear the Rosary,and when i don’t carry it, in my pocket, i take it from my neck and say the rosary,i was once healed miraculously and instantly,from chocking and fever, when my mother who was a nurse put the rosary on my neck ,while i was in my school days,its like a protection for me,i never remove the rosary, from my neck even during shower,i urge and encourage everyone to wear a rosary around their necks.


Wearing a rosary as part of a Religious habit is very different than wearing it in a blasphemous way, such as Madonna did.

Many Latinos wear rosaries in a lovely, devotional way.

Unfortunately, it has also become part of identification in a number of Latino-based gangs.

It’s so unfortunate when a beautiful practice gets co-opted by groups for nefarious purposes.

For women, a rosary bracelet is a nice alternative. It can be used for prayer at any time, and looks nice. Even better, it’s a nice conversation-starter and a method of evangelization. “Are you Catholic?” “What is that bracelet all about?” That sort of thing.

Blessed are you who meditate on the mysteries of Jesus and His Blessed Mother,
Deacon Christopher


It’s fine. But so many people do use it as a fashion statement that people have this mistaken view it’s forbidden. It was actually done during the reformation in Switzerland as a statement to tell the Protestants one was loyal to the Pope.


Wore my Rosary to Mass last night, and yesterday afternoon. Prayed it too. Nobody was bothered by it.


It’s one thing for nuns to wear a rosary, it’s another thing for an ordinary person!


I used to wear a small rosary underneath my shirt. I’d never wear it above my shirt. I have a pretty crucifix necklace that I wear outside my shirt.


Lol, thanx for the confession, myself, I will
only wear it on SPECIAL occasions!!



**[1668] Sacramentals are instituted for the sanctification of certain ministries of the Church, certain states of life, a great variety of circumstances in Christian life, and the use of many things helpful to man. In accordance with bishops’ pastoral decisions, they can also respond to the needs, culture, and special history of the Christian people of a particular region or time. They always include a prayer, often accompanied by a specific sign, such as the laying on of hands, the sign of the cross, or the sprinkling of holy water (which recalls Baptism).

**[1669 Sacramentals derive from the baptismal priesthood: every baptized person is called to be a “blessing,” and to bless.174 Hence lay people may preside at certain blessings; the more a blessing concerns ecclesial and sacramental life, the more is its administration reserved to the ordained ministry (bishops, priests, or deacons).175

*[1670] Sacramentals do not confer the grace of the Holy Spirit in the way that the sacraments do, but by the Church’s prayer, they prepare us to receive grace and dispose us to cooperate with it. "For well-disposed members of the faithful, the liturgy of the sacraments and sacramentals sanctifies almost every event of their lives with the divine grace which flows from the Paschal mystery of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ. From this source all sacraments and sacramentals draw their power. There is scarcely any proper use of material things which cannot be thus directed toward the sanctification of men and the praise of God."176

Various forms of sacramentals


Is Robin Zander Catholic?


Some people say that plastic rosaries hold up better than the more expensive ones.


I think so. I read somewhere that the rosary is his grandmother’s. I love his voice.


I wear the rosary on special occasion but it means alot to me.


When I read that violent gangs were wearing them, I smiled. I liked to think this was Our Lady’s way of reaching out to them. Hopefully penetrating their hearts somehow by having a rosary near their hearts all day!

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