Wearing tight clothing as a guy

I asked my priest about wearing like tight shirts and stuff since I am kinda muscular. He said i probably shouldnt do it but he didn’t say it was sinful or not. I like to show off my muscles but I do it I guess to attract women but not to have them lust after me (not sure if women do or not?) mabye I could get some input from some of you girls if this is a problem, or anyone that knows anything about this. Thanks

While it may or may not be sinful, it demonstrates vanity. Go to the Gym. The really big guys don’t wear tight clothes. They know they’re big, and aren’t insecure as to have to show themselves off.

As far as attracting girls, do you really want to find date someone who is interested in your looks? Looks will fade someday, bro, and someday you’ll be 50 something and other things besides how you look will be much more important.

So…think about why you want to show off…vanity? Insecurity? Be satisfied with yourself and you don’t need tight shirts to show off those muscles. :thumbsup:

I’ll give you the same advice given to women who wear unnecessarily tight or skimpy clothing: even though you’re not intending to cause lust, you probably are, both in women who are susceptible, as well as men struggling with same-sex attraction, who have all the high visual response of straight men but in a disordered manner. Women who dress in such a manner are responsible for presenting a near occasion of sin to men and are culpable for presenting temptation. I would say that if you are dressing to show off your muscles you are just as guilty.

What they said. :thumbsup:

:confused: :confused: :confused:

You sound a bit like a peacock :smiley:

My considered response is ewww - don’t do it :smiley:

I’m glad there are still some people who give this kind of thing some thought.

Yes, women do lust. :slight_smile:

There is a fine line between attraction and lust. It’s fine to want women to think you look good, but you don’t want to make sex the first thing they think of when they see you. What I mean is that there’s certainly nothing wrong with looking good, but don’t flaunt it. To determine if it’s a sin, you have to carefully examine your motives. So if you’re wearing tight shirts just so women will gape and gawk and think about nailing you, then you’re leading them into sin, which is a sin itself.

Again, you don’t have to walk around in a cardboard box. Just don’t paint your shirts on.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Sorry to disillusion you! “According to new research released by scientists from the University of Newcastle in Britain, for women, attraction has very little to do with looks or romance or compatibility and everything to do with how men smell.:smiley:
Women, it seems, are instinctively attracted, via their sense of smell, to men who have a dissimilar genetic makeup to them.”(Reported in “The Courier Mail”) Where does that leave deodorant and aftershave!

Seriously! Think why men only bother with one garment in the surf and women with two. A nicely tailored shirt on a nicely tailored man gets him an appreciative glance, but is hardly likely to overturn the female mind. His good humour and decency may. Good looks in a man are fine, but I’d only give them a passing, artistic glance of appreciation. If he has an intelligent creative mind; a sparkling, amiably-mischevious sense of humour, combined with genuine warmth and kindness…that’s when I give him a second look! Maybe not true for all women, but true for many!

Dress comfortably, stylishly and sensibly and you can’t go wrong. There’s no need to wear tent clothes, nor to wear clothes like a second skin…a balance will do.

Liquid1187 - I don’t know what the priest said to you but listen to Trishie - you wont go too far wrong :thumbsup:

Personally, I like a smart dresser, but if I detect the guy spends more time and money on his hair and clothes than I do then he’s out the door :smiley:

You have to be rugged, in a well dressed sophisticated way, coupled with a gentle rakishness linked to a mischievous enthralling captivating smile, with come to bed eyes at say I care deeply about you and can look into my soul, but they must twinkle also with a hint of danger, of intrigue, coupled with an infectious laugh, you must be in touch with your feminine side in a masculine tough way, and you MUST have good teeth :smiley: There. Easy huh?

(and I sometimes wonder why I’m single :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

Hahahaha. I think you misunderstood me. It is a widely acknowledged fact that women are, in this way, less physical than men. I wasn’t disagreeing with that. He asked if women lust. Whether we do it more or less than men doesn’t matter; we still do. And that’s what I said.

Um… because women have two areas to cover and men have one?

agnostic, you certainly know exactly what you want! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that muscles are even a turn-on for a lot of us (especially young women) it’s still a sign of shallowness and vanity. Though I like to wear gym clothes in the street after a good workout to yell out, “I work out, I’m disciplined and responsible that way”, which is perhaps all you’re saying too. I’m actually going to ask my own priest about that.:blush:
So I think you ought to listen to your priest, and I’ll talk to mine.
You might not even want the women who are attracted to huge muscles. It’s unbalanced, like the ones who like 50-pound rock stars who spend as much time in rehab as out; I think people with extreme tastes are still growing into maturity and don’t know what they want in life yet.

Come on! I used to do a lot of weight lifting in my younger years and the whole objective was to fill out a shirt. Enjoy it while it lasts because it doesn’t last forever.

Afterall, we aren’t Puritan or Amish, man. Love being Catholic.

Quite honestly, I would think “reasonably” tight clothing on a male would be a refreshing change from the oversized, sagging, underwear-revealing, butt-drooping gangsta dreck so many young men wear today.

Speaking personally, yes, a good set of muscles can inspire me to lust, and I appreciate it when muscley guys do NOT wear muscle shirts around me. It gets tiresome to be constantly averting my eyes.

I don’t care if it’s Jackie Chan or Arnie - a fit male body is physically attractive. Both of them dress modestly outside of the movies, God bless them! Please imitate them in this.



:smiley: I’m still sayin go for it!

After viewing the gents of a certain Chicago/Wrigleyville area, when I see tight shirts on men, I automatically assume that they’re gay. Sorry.

I say go ahead.

There are worthy things to stress over, and your shirt being a little snug doesn’t matter one iota.

No, it’s not. :rolleyes:

It’s a sign that you take care of yourself.

Ah, I love double standards. A woman with a good figure would be told just the opposite because men don’t want to have to avert their eyes and struggle with temptation. Yet Catholic men will not support or in many cases even consider extending the same courtesy to women and gay men who struggle with chastity and custody of the eyes. They can’t conceive of being the victims of lustful ogling, nor can they imagine being responsible for presenting temptation to sin to others.

Yep, it’s a man’s world.

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