Weather Channel defends reporter captured swaying in Florence winds as 2 people walk behind him



There is another clip showing women with umbrellas.


This is not unusual. They do things like this and they find the worst damage and showcase that as if it is widespread. I was watching one newscast and they were focused on some closed down gas station in the middle of nowhere. They were obviously hoping the canopy would go flying off.

There has been unbelievable hype for this storm. It turned out to not be the monster they said. If it wasn’t just sitting there dumping rain it wouldn’t be that big a deal.

Some of the deaths are legitimately due to the storm but some they count are ridiculous. One death was a man who electrocuted himself plugging in his generator. Another was a woman who had a heart attack where the ambulance couldn’t reach her. I don’t see either as necessarily being caused by the storm. I guess they count anyone who dies during this time in that area as due to the storm.


this is what sells advertising


The government also hypes it.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. - H. L. Mencken


There was a snow storm where they had to mound it up to create enough depth to measure.


Of course the hype was politically motivated.They were already blaming Trump before the hurricane even hit.


I know! Those socialists at the Weather Channel – just can’t trust them.



The excuse is actually lamer than the fake struggle.


Well, the man wouldn’t have needed his generator if the power hadn’t gone out due to the storm. And the woman most likely, wouldn’t have had her heart attack if not for the storm. And if she had it if there’s been no storm, the paramedics would’ve been able to get to her.

So yes, the storm was the cause.


There have been accusations that Mike and other Weather Channel meteorologists were faking their spots during Hurricane Florence.

No, they weren’t and aren’t. The people spreading these lies about them need to find something better to do with their time like help those in need due to the destruction the hurricane and flooding have caused.


If the man had died by electrocuting himself before the storm, while testing his generator, who would be responsible? Would the storm be responsible or the governor for causing unnecessary fear?

People have heart attacks all the time. If someone had a heart attack due to fear over the storm before it came who would be responsible? Would the storm be responsible? Would the storm be even though she’d not have known about the storm except for the National Hurricane Center, governor, and reporters?

Other deaths were a man who died while packing to evacuate, a couple who died in a house fire, and a lady who had a wreck. I guess it is like the flu where everyone who has it and dies supposedly dies from it even though they don’t.


The video is not a lie, it makes it clear he was faking the strength of the storm while on-camera.



I respectfully disagree.


Then refute the video, explain how it was faked to make him only look like he was lying.


I don’t have to explain a thing. You believe it was faked. I know it wasn’t.


No, I believe the video is real
The other people showed it was not required to ‘lean into’ the storm in order to maintain balance. They were not faking it.


The pictures you show of the media “lying” are not lying. The man with the microphone in the first 3 panels is standing where there should be no water. He was not standing in an established river. The cameraman obviously did not want to damage his equipment, so he found some higher ground to stand on. Big deal. And the last panel, as they explained was because the reporter was standing on uneven ground. We was not pretending the wind was higher than it was, except in the imagination of people who like to believe conspiracy theories.


The footage of Anderson Cooper was from Hurricane Ike. He just explained it.

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