Weather discussion, y'all


That’s weird.

Rain that comes into contact with ground that is freezing cold will turn into ice.

Is there an ice storm coming to your area?

Be careful out there.


Not anymore.


23.3C ! That sounds great!Its cold again this morning but by the end of the week the forcaste is suggesting 36C.Will make most of the cold today :smile:


Oh dear.

I misread that C to be F, so in my mind I’m thinking, how can it be 23 F and still rain?


That’s okay, and guess what? It’s a legit question! Take Mt. Mitchell, the tallest mountain in the Eastern United States, it can be in the 20s F, and still be raining there. (Although, it does have snow in the forecast).


Going to be cold and rainy again in a few days.


Tomorrow Wednesday will be 30C,Thursday 35C and Friday 36C…I’m not ready for the heat yet !


I thought people in Florida were bad in the rain. People in California should just stay home when rain is forecasted! :tired_face:


How was the drive to work?

There was a bit of snow where I live and boy was it icy out on the roads.

My anti-lock brakes went crazy when I tried to stop at an intersection.
Luckily I stopped just in time.


Going to work was OK. The drive home was a nightmare, though. The rain wasn’t even heavy, but that’s apparently enough to make everyone go crazy.


It’s about 46 F. It got below freezing over night, and we’re going to have colder daytime temperatures later this week. I love South Carolina, but, people coming here for the warm are going to be very surprised. I checked some coastal cities, lows in 30s F. Snow up in the mountains over the weekend (even the lower elevation ones). Depending on how severe it is, I think I might go visit. I’m not a fan of snow, but at least a snowy mountain is pretty. I remember when I went to Paris Mountain, and it started snowing when we were up there. Just light snow. It was odd, given that snow wasn’t even forecast that day. I’m worried about freezing rain this far south, which can be quite dangerous. It doesn’t have it in the forecast, but that is subject to change.


Cold and rainy, some of our adjacent counties may get snow and ice.


It’s been warmer lately. But got cold at night.


Twenty three days until departure for Florida!


Weathers always weird here in Nebraska. :zap::snowflake::droplet::sunny::cloud::partly_sunny::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::sun_behind_small_cloud::sun_behind_large_cloud::sun_behind_rain_cloud::cloud_with_rain::cloud_with_snow::cloud_with_lightning::tornado::thinking:???


My town can get some snow this weekend.


I hear it pouring down rain


I think I’ve been there once. Which is weird, considering I lived in Iowa.





It’s rainy and windy.


It was windy here earlier, power was actually out for a few hours.

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