Weather............How is it.........y'all?

82 F, mostly cloudy, how about y’all?

Beautiful autumn day here! Sun shining on all the beautifully changing color leaves! :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: :leaves: :maple_leaf:

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That looks suspiciously Canadian, @CelticWarlord, are y’all trying to invade us?

It’s overcast. Was raining earlier. Kind of chilly.

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Nice to see you back, hope you stick around! :slightly_smiling_face:


It is cold and smells like some smoke (someone is burning trash again).

55° and rainy. It has rained here all week.

Add wood smoke smell to my weather and it would be a perfect day!

My type of weather!

Ehh :))


74 and fluorescent

As opposed to translucent?

the translucent panel is below the fluorescent light

proper order

You mean with this? LOL The city’s first snowfall was Tuesday. It’s pretty much all gone now.

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Oh my…that would make me so unhappy.


Same here, but see the photo above to Adam. I think we may enjoy different types of weather. :grin:

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Looks cold.

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We already had our first snow weeks ago!

Today was awful. I don’t even know if it was cloudy or not! The smoke from the mountain fires gave everything an orange glow with ash falling again. Our high today was 46F and our low tonight is supposed to be a nice balmy 10F. Snow would be welcome to help the fires and smoke.
Here is our sky a few days ago…it’s even worse today!

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While I love and prefer cold, overcast days, smoke is a very different state of affairs.

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Today, the temperatures are expected to drop and snow may be coming. As much as I’d like the snow to hold off a bit longer, we desperately need it to help with the fires. For that reason, bring it on!

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