Web Filtering Too good to be true?

I’m in the market for some web filtering software and I’d like to know if anyone here has experience with the following… It is free and seems like a “too good to be true” offer to me.

It also makes me a little nervous that it filters through their servers rather than locally:


Alternately, does anyone have something else inexpensive for this?

fyi… the filtering is for myself mainly but needs to work for all users on mac and windows. (mainly mac)

There are some advantages to server-based filtering. For example, the filter list updates more frequently. Since it is still software-based, it will only operate on computers you install the software on, however.

I have not set up filtering on my home network, yet (kids aren’t using computers for browsing, yet). When I do, I’ll probably use OpenDNS as that protects all devices and operating systems on the network. It is a little more technically involved, however.

That one looks pretty good too. I’m running that k9 one right now and it seems to be working fine. my only gripes so far are that 1. has to be installed on each individual machine and 2. does not differentiate between users.

Software filters often have a parental password override if you really need a specific site. It’s probably safest to just use single-access unblocking, if available, so children don’t suddenly have access if you accidentally leave an adult user logged-in.

Yep. I noticed this one has that, you can set a time-limit on it so there’s only access to that site or category for a fixed period of time. In my case, I’m handing the password off to another to keep because this blocking is also for myself and addiction I’m fighting with.

I have it set up to block everything I should be having nothing to do with while I fight this without intruding on the other day to day things I do on the internet (such as typing in this forum!). As a nice side-benefit, if blocks most phishing sites and malware.

A good service I used for computer’s I couldn’t keep an eye on was OpenDNS.

Just make sure you don’t become complacently dependent on the filter. When it fails (or you use a different computer), you need to be sure that your conscience will keep you only on the good tasks.

This very CAF message forum was blocked on the public library’s computer (not this one) when someone posted a message about “e-------tory” prayer. So, there are Catholic phrases that will get blocked as porno.

Oh, I am aware of that. My main issue is with peer-to-peer and this blocker takes care of that…

also, I’m not put in the occasion to sin every time I sit in front of my mac. That (or this, I’m here at it right now) is my main area of concern. As a divorced dad who is alone every other week, the temptation can be very strong.

I have set things up with my folks, they’re going to come and look things over next week and then I’ll put the password change screen up for them for this and my laptop. I’ve tested things out and set it up so that it is not blocking my day to day mundane stuff but anything “adult/pornographic” is going to be blocked and all activity logged.

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