Web Game Creator: Buying Condoms, Adopting Orphans is 'Stylish' Fun

Parent Dish:

Web Game Creator: Buying Condoms, Adopting Orphans is ‘Stylish’ Fun

**An online game designed to let young girls create a character based on breast size, adopt orphans from developing countries, a la Angelina Jolie, and take “anti-baby pills” has parents up in arms.**The “My Minx” Web game encourages young girls to buy condoms and engage in all kinds of scandalous virtual antics, London’s Daily Mail reports. They also can visit an “adoption agency” – where orphans are named after the adopted children of celeb parents such as Jolie – to choose a child as an accessory to make their avatar more fashionable.

Chris Evans is the founder of Blighty Arts, the UK-based company that created “My Minx.” He tells ParentDish that the game is intended for users ages 11 and up. He says the kerfuffle over the Web site is the work of “rogue journalists” who don’t have their facts straight.
“It is not aimed at children,” Evans says. “This is for teens or early 20s. When you register, you can’t register if you are under the age of 11, and even so, there is nothing on there that would offend any child who might play the game.”
When we signed up for our personal “My Minx” character, we were able to select from a drop-down menu description that included “single,” “unhinged” and “horney [sic.].” We were unable to shop for fashions in the game’s “boutique” section, because the game requires users to pay for the privilege of dressing their characters. Boys can play, too – a male avatar is available.

Whatever happened to killing Nazis? Iknow, I’m dating myself again.

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