Web Site for Non-Catholics

If you are just looking around, trying to find that “spark” that compels you to get serious about becoming Catholic, I could not point you to a better on-line source. It is written by a convert who is now found sometimes appearing on EWTN. He understands you. Try the topics on a drop-down menu first by clicking on “topics”. Then , by all means, try “discussions”.

catholicoutlook.com/index.php :tiphat:

Hey, good site. Bookmarked for future study.

Nice CLEAR explanations of the ‘controversial’ catholic doctrines and the reasons why they’re believed. And some fascinating dialogues which I need to read and study. Dialogues are great - normally online you get sites that say why catholicism is right or why it is wrong. This sort of dialogue is the closest the net gets to a balanced picture of the arugments. And lots of useful links too.

Actually I’m trying to find that spark that compels me NOT to become Catholic. I don’t want to convert. But if that’s the way God calls… And he does seem to be calling from that direction.

Thanks for posting the site.



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