Webmaster could you please import the old emojis


Webmaster could you please import the old CAF emojis into the library.


Here is a link for you in the meantime. You might not have seen it because it is in the Casual forum.


What a great idea.

You are a Pretty Cool Fellow Indeed.


Webmaster could you please import the old CAF emojis into the library.

I second the motion. They had some character and juice. The new ones are drab and lifeless.


This isn’t likely to happen because the current emoji are based on the universal standard of emoji.

But if you go to the thread linked to above, you can copy and paste those old smilies into your posts just as you can add any pictures to your posts.




Why did the powers of the universe choose “drab and lifeless” to be the “universal standard of emoji”. :exploding_head:


Where do you find the emoji here? I don’t know where they are.


Click on the reply button on a post
Then click on the smiley face here, above the reply box
Then wait while they load into a popup window.
Select a smiley by clicking on it and it is added to the post.


A pop up window never appeared.


Someone else had trouble with a different type of popup window yesterday, the one that pops when you click on the round avatars. If you click (once only, not double) on my circular orange and blue avatar of a lamb, do you get a popup window with my brief description? If not, you perhaps need to unblock popups for this site. But I am not a tech guru or anything.


Yes when I click on your avatar I get a brief
description about you.


Oh, maybe you are clicking on the picture that I cut and pasted for you to view and not on the smile picture in the reply box? It’s a long shot, but here is another picture, I am replying to you and I see this…

And it is while I am doing that that I mean to click on the smile there. Don’t click on the smiley that I cut and pasted for you to view in my actual post. You have to be replying to this thread and click on the smile in the actual reply box while replying.


The old emojis were so much nicer … I also wish they would import them.


I don’t think it’s possible to do that because the old smilies and the new emojii utilize two different ways of displaying their image. The emoji now being used are from the Unicode standard. CAF cannot add or subtract from that list. It’s a code that is used and then the image gets rendered by your device or platform.

The old smilies were pictures native to the forum (though many were borrowed from other places) which were being supplied by the forum.

In another thread linked to above, a user posted a link to where he had saved all the smilies from the old forum:

I just went there and saved all the pictures to a folder on my computer. Now, all I have to do is click and drag them into a post. 011_thumbsup

Not as easy as if they were all right there, but still workable for when you really want to see someone eating a box of popcorn JOqipy8 rather than just looking at a stationary box of popcorn :popcorn:


Thanks for the info. :smiley:


Why I don’t move now…image copy/ paste does not work.


How can you drag it when it’s on a completely different website ?


I didn’t drag it directly from that website. I right clicked on each one and saved them all to a folder on my desktop computer. I click and drag them from that folder on my computer.

Of course, that doesnt work if I’m using my phone. I’m not sure how to insert pictures when posting from my phone.

Copy and paste doesn’t work for the moving smilies (the gif files).


I’m on a desktop, but I don’t understand how to make a little folder box that will popup on this site to drag them into my text.

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