Webmaster could you please import the old emojis


I went to my “Pictures” folder and then just right clicked in the window and selected “New Folder” and named it “CAF Smilies”. Then on the imgur site linked above, I just right clicked on each picture, selected “save as” and then went to the smilies folder and clicked save. That was on Internet Explorer. The process might be slightly different for another browser.


Ok, thanks I’ll give it a try


Discourse does allow custom emojis. While the “standard” emoji are based on Unicode the software actually translates many and then sends an image instead of the actual UTF code. So even though I type in :sob:(U+1F62D) it doesn’t send that, but rather the image for :sob: (url https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/catholic/images/emoji/twitter/sob.png?v=5)


Interesting. I can’t say I understand entirely, but that’s okay :blush:


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