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I see that the subforum on JP11 was closed long ago. A website for his Cause has just been announced in Aust. Cath. News Resources. Here are the details for the interested together with relevant link…

Cause of Beatification of John Paul II -

This is the official website for the cause of beatification and canonisation of Pope John Paul II, which was opened at a ceremony at the Basilica of St John Lateran early this morning Australian time. Postulator (or saint-maker) Monsignor Slawomir Oder told Zenit that the site would include coverage, with text, images, and other documentary material, soon after the event. To follow will be testimonies of the faithful about graces received and personal meetings with John Paul II. Unfortunately the site is currently slow due to its popularity. A bandwith boost is the only hope for easy access, as its popularity is only likely to increase.

Regards Barb
Bethany In Sth. Aust.
Wed. 29.6.05 10.54am

I cant print the article into this post because apparently copyright forbids it but if you go to

“He was never full of himself”

You will find an article form Australian Catholic Resources giving info re JPll’s personality .

Regards Barb
Bethany South Australia
Fri. l.7.05 10.31am
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