Website for Struggling Homosexuals


I have a website called The Truth Sets You Free. Its address is:

This website is meant for homosexuals struggling against their unwanted homosexual thoughts, feelings and desires. This website seeks to offer help and hope to these repentant homosexuals who want to change, but do not know how to. There are Christian pastoral articles and secular scientific essays which explain how and why a person becomes a homosexual, and what can be done in order to change.

The following are some links that you may be interested to visit:

I’m Not Gay

How Might Homosexuality Develop?

Atypical Cases to Development of Homosexuality

Homosexuality: An Overview

Can Homosexuals Change?

There are many more theological articles and psychological essays on the website. If you know of family or friends who will find this website helpful, please feel free to make it known to them!



For Catholics, it should be mentioned whether or not the websites promote chastity as the proper way of life for homo sexuals


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