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Hi Everyone,

I recently built a website as a response to the recent media assassination of Pope Benedict. It’s a really simple site that invites you to simply sign your name as a pledge of love, prayer, and support for our Holy Father. Let me know what you think and if please support the initiative if you agree with it. There’s more info on the site.

This is very cool! I applaud your humble, yet noble effort. :slight_smile:

Thank you for this opportunity to voice our support for the Holy Father. The vicious Easter attack against Pope Benedict was an attack on the whole Christian Church.

Great idea, I signed after getting your verification code wrong 3 times lol

I signed! :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to be a killjoy, but I’m having a hard time supporting the Pope on this issue.

Heaven knows I don’t trust the secular media. I’ve read some really excellent publications by Catholics refuting a lot of the hyperbole regarding the sex scandal and realize that the stats are wildly exaggerated by the secular press. I was born and raised Protestant, and I know for a fact, based on incidents that happened to others in my own church, that Protestant pastors and youth workers have been sinning against children for decades, but they dismiss their pastors when it becomes known and hush up the crime. I know that there are many incidents of sexual abuse of children and teenagers in public schools, but these are also hushed up. And I agree with the conclusion that most of the abuse cases in the U.S. are not pedophilia, but are homosexuality involving post-pubescent young men.

So I’m not one of these “modernist quasi-Catholics” who is looking for an excuse to disregard the Church teachings.

However, it really seems to me that Joseph Ratzinger was complicit in allowing known sex child and teen predators to continue to work in parish churches, and I personally think that this was wrong. I think he’s dismissing this whole scandal as something that the decadent Americans have trumped up, and he’s trying to get out of taking any responsibility. He’s thinking that if he denies it long enough, it will be true that he really didn’t do anything wrong.

Yes, I realize that he is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ and the reigning Vicar of Christ. I also realize that he is a sinful man.

What is the argument refuting all this? Can you link me to refutable papers or articles in which it is made clear that Joseph Ratzinger was not involved in any of the hushing up? I don’t care to sign a petition that just sweeps evil under the carpet and ignores it.

If he DID hush up crimes and move the priests to other parishes, I believe he is complicit and should be prosecuted in the secular courts and I think it would be best for him to resign. Harsh words, I know. So convince me that I’m wrong about this.

Cat, not sure if you’ve been paying attention to the news but the Time’s campaign to smear the Pope is falling apart. The people who wrote every single one of their sources have come out and said “They never interviewed us, if they had they wouldn’t have written the garbage they have because they’re completely misrepresenting what was written”.

I would suggest holding the faith, and giving the Pope due presumption of innocese.

I’d start here:


I also saw something of fox yesterday commenting on the fast crumbling “case” the NYT put forth. I’ll post it if I find it again.

Hi Cat,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’d offer this. A lot of what you are thinking is based on presumptions regarding Pope Benedict’s motivations. Like, “He’s trying to avoid it” and “he’s dismissing it”. There’s no way for any of us to know what his motives are or what he is thinking so it’s safe to label any such conjecture is mere opinion. Now, that said, we form our opinions based on the information that we are given. So far, the media has been the main source for everyone we know on this subject and the media’s attempts to involve the Pope in the scandals have been based on false information. Have a look at these articles which prove they’ve been citing individuals or simply not interviewing them at all:

I would normally be less skeptical of the media, but as a Catholic, there have been countless times where I’ve seen them report on the church in unbelievably slanted forms. There have been numerous times where they’ve even entirely misrepresented Catholic teachings. Worst of all, every single time I hear of the Church in the media over the last decade, it has been about scandal. When the media focuses on a fault of a group or class to the exclusion of the large amount of good that this group does… well you have to draw some sketchy conclusions.

I think we have to give the Vicar of Christ the benefit of the doubt here. In any event, the site is meant as a reassurance that we are praying for our Pope and that people of good-will still stand behind him and the Church.

Hope that helps.

I’m so glad for this. Those who signed, don’t forget to pray, and include our priests and bishops in your prayers.

I applaud you in creating this site, and feel it is an awesome testimony to our faith!

I just signed it and find it so comforting that there are at this time 17 pages of supporters that feel exactly the same as we do on this issue. Thank you!

May God Bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand. :hug3:


Cat - I didn’t look at the other links that others have posted, but here’s another one for you.

It’s possible to disagree with what a person may or may not have done in the past, but still support them in the present…and future!

I support our Pope Benedict!!

Thanks for putting this out! I signed!

Long live our Holy Father Benedict XVI!

As the Vendeans who fought against the French Revolution cried out as they went into battle, ‘Long live our good priests!’ :knight2:

I’ve signed. Thank you for setting up the site. Will Papa see the results?



Thank you for providing this site. I signed it and forwarded it along to friends and family.

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