Websites and tech challenged

I am frustrated and hope someone out there has a helpful insight.

First let me say I love my Priest. He is a wonderful man, a great spiritual leader, a good teacher....but like any man he can't be good at everything. And communications are where things fall apart with him. He figures that everything worth knowing is in the bulletin and everything else (like a newsletter or website) is not really needed. Don't tell me all the things wrong with that - I am aware and have tried to make him aware.

Further, he is a micro-manager. No news release, no bulletin item on the picnic, no article for the website gets published unless he or the Admin OK it. Sounds fine in theory but submissions sit in some deep dark whole for (literally!) months.

Our Family Life Lady submitted a story about the parish picnic (in July) a month ago because the Easter article she submitted in February got approved last week. Seriously. Various church leaders have talked to him about this for years and nothing changes.

So - hubby and I really want to make our website WORK. Frankly, I want to take Fr out of the loop. Sounds heretical I know, but I'm ready to just start accepting submissions directly and let the poop hit the fan.

Let me be clear - I'd never publish anything outside of Catholic doctrine, never publish names of kids with photos, never publish anything that would hurt anyone's feelings. I've been an RCIA teacher and children RE director and have some common sense. I just think we need a web presence for those who are visiting (we live in a tourist area) and for those who can't get to Mass.

Any ideas?:(

Maybe start an IRC channel and have a website with a java applet to your channel. Find a local techie in your neighborhood to make it happen. Then you have instant communication, bulletins, and can schedule chat events.

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