Websites for cheap e-books?

Hi everyone,

I recently got into reading on my Nook. Love it! My only problem is that sometimes the pricing on the Barnes and Noble website is a little high (same price for the print book and e-book??:eek:). So I was wondering if anyone out there has found a good (legal & safe) website where I can purchase/download cheap e-books?

The Nook supports epub files.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try a general seller of e-books, but many religious titles also.They’ve got over 100,000 titles mostly priced $.99 & $2.99 (some are also higher and some are also free). You get your choice of any popular book formats including Kindle and Nook (epub). No DRM on these books.

I sell a couple books there myself (which I cannot advertise here), but message me and I’ll send you a coupon for a free book and you can check the place out.

Lots of free books available at Project Gutenberg , over 39,000. These are books in the public domain, or for which permission was granted to reproduce them there by the copyright holder.

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