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What are some good Christian Apologetic websites? Ones with debates against Atheists etc…


Top two are probably (for articles on atheism, debates with atheists, on resurrection, on Islam, basic Christian apologetics, etc), although I don’t like the formatting of their articles (for historical Jesus), sometimes hard to navigate and find things

And the sites of particular apologists or

Phil P


Who is the best apologist according to you?


<< Who is the best apologist according to you? >>

Jesus Christ
John Paul II
St. Paul the Apostle
Benedict XVI
Karl Keating
St. Peter the Apostle
William Lane Craig
Francis Beckwith

In that order, somewhat. :eek: Craig will be above Karl when Craig becomes Catholic in 2022. :thumbsup:

Phil P


And PhilVaz! You ain’t so bad yourself!


<< And PhilVaz! You ain’t so bad yourself! >>

Sorry I forgot.

God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Spirit

:eek: :smiley:

Seriously now, Craig is probably the “best” in terms of “evangelical debaters” in the English speaking world. I’m waiting for the Craig vs. Dawkins debate, or Craig vs. Sam Harris debate, since the recent Lennox vs. Dawkins was disappointing because of the format.

Phil P




I guess Craig loves debates with Atheists? How come I don’t see any debates with Jewish scholars etc…? Does it have to do with specialization in a field or another reason?


Phil: Have you heard ALL the debates on your audio page? You must be an expert by now


<< Phil: Have you heard ALL the debates on your audio page? You must be an expert by now >>

Pretty much, but they tend to blur. Craig presents virtually the same powerful opening statement (with little variation) in all his debates (of two main types: on atheism and on resurrection). His toughest opponent was probably Dacey from 2005 and there he concentrated on only two arguments: kalam and resurrection, instead of the usual four: kalam, fine-tuning, objective morality, resurrection. A couple of these I need to listen to some more, mainly for the opponent’s arguments since they are always different. :thumbsup:

A new one I’m putting up is Carrier vs. Licona on resurrection from 2004. It was made available as .mov video files at and I extracted the MP3 from that. This one goes into more depth than any of the Craig debates on the topic. Both debaters traded their opening statements before the debate.

Phil P


Thanks for the response! Any thoughts on post #8?


Abu << How come I don’t see any debates with Jewish scholars etc…? >>

BTW, I have one on my audio page, not really a scholar, but he is a trained Rabbi:

Rabbi Jan Bresky vs. talk show host Bob Lassiter (from July 1988)

Bresky was at this time dying of a fatal blood disease. He was big in the Tampa bay Florida area in the 1980s for various talk shows (radio and TV). He sadly died in 1991 (I think). Bob Lassiter died last year in 2006, many years a smoker although he tried to quit. They had several informal debates on radio.

Another Rabbi is Harold Kushner (famous for Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People) who debated evangelical apologist Norm Geisler on the problem of evil from The John Ankerberg Show in the 1980s. I have it on videotape, but no MP3 (yet).

Of course there is Jews for Judaism, an anti-Christian-evangelism site, they used to have more talks available. I heard a couple where they disprove all the classic messianic texts pointing to Jesus. I’m sure they could give Craig a run at least on O.T. interpretation.

Phil P


Good to hear you are making the Licona/Carrier debate available.
David Wood has written a good review of the debate here:


Here are a few good ones: and


Here is how to get a hold of the Geisler/Rabbi Kushner debate:


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