Websites for help with reconciling after seperation

Husband and I are in a seperated state as of 5 weeks ago.I was very excited to read about reconciling and as we are comunicating politely I feel there is a chance :slight_smile: Pray I can be patient,learn as much as I can and try and understand.
I’ve found some great websites that I wish I’d known of before to give guidance when the other half doesn’t wish for counselling .Even if reconciling doesn’t come about this is a huge opportunity to grow as with any crisis.People’s pray has been amazing-thank you!
Any recommendations for reading,practical advice at this stage ? Keep in mind this is a LDR ,all typed communication and no face to face.
God bless,Greenfields.

Practical advice from own experience or what you’ve learned would be very much appreciated.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the web site, but this topic couldn’t be more timely for me. I am trying to make a decision right now whether or not to separate from my husband. We have struggled for years because of his temper and alcoholism. He’s very functional, but I think it impacts his moods and he is very hard on me and the kids, and there is absolutely no consistency or fairness in his parenting.
Anyway, a year ago he started spending time with another woman and he lied, lied, lied about it, and evidence all over the place, but no smoking gun for me to prove he was physically unfaithful Emotionally, YES, but not that the deed was ever done. Anyway, I know have evidence that he has maintained or restarted that relationship. We are seeing my spiritual director this week. I guess I’m giving him one more chance to come clean and get busy.
Praying for your marriage and mine.

Thank you for prayers:) I hope the meeting with the spiritual director goes well.
Praying for you.

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