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What are some of the websites you visit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? I’m finding that when I have time on the computer I go over to the same websites again and again and I’m feeling a little bored with them. I’m hoping that adding a few more websites to my Favorites list will spice up my Internet surfing.

take a look at look at the faith chats, pretty good.

google news

if you google catholic blogs you can get some pretty interesting sites

Cake Wrecks

They sometimes feature really beautiful cakes, too. But the emphasis is on cake abominations made by professional bakers.

My favorites in order:


Be sure to read the guide to the Mass and order the free cd from Boston Catholic Journal! :thumbsup:

Besides the usual (Facebook, MSNBC, CAF, etc.) here are the “other” sites I like to visit.

The Quote Garden <—see the two quotes I have? Yep, it’s where I got 'em! :smiley:

The Internet Database <—LOVE this site!

Wikipedia <—For odds and ends

The Unofficial Kids Incorporated Show Music/Video Page <----I grew up watching this show!! :yup:

The Big Picture

Its entries (every couple days or so) consist of large news photos on a topic. The current entry is on the most recent earthquake in China: Yushu Earthquake, 12 days later.

I think its a great way to get a sense of what is happening in the world, in ways that television and newspaper often fail to convey.

I was going to recommend cakewrecks, but someone above beat me to it. Another favorite of mine is Gilray’s Printshop of Historical Absurdities, which is a hilarous history blog. It gets spicy at times, so reader beware, but the author has a great sense of humor and an eye for the truly absurd historical anecdote.

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What are some of the websites you visit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? I'm finding that when I have time on the computer I go over to the same websites again and again and I'm feeling a little bored with them. I'm hoping that adding a few more websites to my Favorites list will spice up my Internet surfing.


That sorely depends on your preferences man. I mean, I'm a junkie for Japanese comics and animation so mostly I go to sites like OneManga, Mangafox, and watch episodes online if I can't buy them yet. Sometimes I go to YouTube, other times I just google.

If I needed info on a series, I'd usually consult either the AnimeNewsNetwork or Baka-Manga. :shrug:

I also go to deviantArt to post some of my stuff and then there's also Fanfiction.Net if you like seeing various other writers take on pre-existing fiction.

I go on deviant art sometimes, I got some ideas for a tattoo from there…

but I like to go to ‘The View’ website, you know that show, ‘The View’, with a panel of women who discuss the countries ‘hot topics’??? Well on their website they have a message board, much less complex than this forum for sure, but its cool…not every one there is ‘Christian’, so its fun…I dont ‘preach’ on there, but…like, I just share my POV and its weird because, most of the times, people will start off with one frame of mind, but after a couple threads with me they change their minds…I like it…its fun…More often than not people commend me on my line of thought and say things like ‘oh I never thought of it that way before’…

Its also fun for me because on the show, theres this lady Joy, who I guess was raised catholic but shes soooOO uniformed and makes the worst statements about our church…her and Elizabeth…so often there will be total bashing going on, I love to get in there and set records straight…

Yeah that MB is a liberal hot mess, but its so fun to go in and get mah hands dirty fo’ tha Lawd!!



Best geeky humour ever :thumbsup:

Free donation websites :slight_smile:, and others. Made my own list:
hotmail and yahoo mostly for e-mail, yahoo also for weather
catholic answers forum :slight_smile:
facebook sometimes for searches (donates something for every search)

Just recently came across this site. Haven’t really had the chance to look at a lot yet, but they do have a Jesuit priest as one of their regular contributors: - I am not sure if she's a real nun though.

Jimmy Akin's :)
Christian Legal Centre
Thomas More Legal Centre
Catholic Union of Great Britain
Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales

Catholic Answers (of course)
Yahoo (mostly for e-mail and sports)

The Pensblog
Escapist Magazine

Those are the places I’ve been frequenting these days.

Do you mean:

She seems to give orthodox and sensible advice, with a touch of light humor.

I might make a facebook profile, so I’ll be on there eventually. My homepage is

She does and I find her hilarious at times! I just wondered though whether she was really a nun as she barely writes about her Provincialate. My sisters constantly speak to us of their Mother General and the worldwide events of their order, as my brothers do about their respective religious communities. Unless, of course, I missed reading entries on her website where she might have mentioned it.

I like to visit to research alternative medicine on their many forums. Curezone is handy for those needing support and guidance in dealing with physical, mental, and spiritual issues. I like the Silver Colloid forum as I work with this cure-all; and I like the Beck Protocol forum as it explores micro-electricity as delinking pathogens from cell hosts. Great question, BTW.

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